Recommended Electricity Plans in PECO Area

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Check our these recommended electricity plans in the PECO Area and switch to low rates in Philadelphia now
Frustrated with paying high electricity rates? Check our these recommended electricity plans in the PECO Area and switch to low rates now!

Top PECO Area Electricity Plans

Electricity plan choices comprise a lengthy list. You have the right to choose between different term lengths, costs per kWh, plan terms, and fine print to wade through in your search. So, what makes an electricity plan the right plan? Well, that depends on your electricity needs, among a few other things.

Of course, shopping for the top PECO area electricity plans can be frustrating. You want to be sure you pick the right plan that works for you and not simply because one provider over another is knocking down your door. Well, you’re in luck! Right now, there are four of our best electricity plans for the PECO area that offer fair and competitive rates, good value, and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Most Popular Philadelphia Electricity

An electricity plan that has everyone talking is the Tomorrow Energy 12 Month Fixed plan. The electricity plan is 5.79 cents per kWh, which is a great price to lock in for a year. Since there’s no monthly recurring charge with this plan, you don’t have to worry about this added cost that some other plans include. Plus, if you want an electricity provider that operates with the environment in mind, Tomorrow Energy is that company. This electricity company operates on a mission to produce a cleaner tomorrow.

Shop 12-Month Fixed Rates

The Starion Secure 12 plan is another recommended electricity option for PECO residents. This plan has a 12-month fixed rate of 6.89 cents per kWh. In addition to this reasonable rate, you won’t have any recurring charges you’ll have to pay each month. As an added bonus, Starion doesn’t charge an early termination fee, just in case you have to move before the year is up. Starion Energy also has its own free rewards program that provides customers with the opportunity to save on groceries, shopping, travel, dining, and more.

Compare Electricity Supplier Guarantees

Constellation is a popular energy company you may be familiar with as it’s highly applauded by customers. With that said, it’s no wonder a Constellation plan makes our recommended list. The Constellation 12 Month Home Power Plan is available for 6.89 cents per kWh and can be locked in for 12 months. In addition to no monthly recurring charge, this plan comes with the company’s 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee provides flexibility to cancel the plan at any time during the first three months with no early termination fee. But, with an affordable rate and plan terms such as these, cancellation likely won’t be an issue.

Rate Protection Electricity Plan

For a longer term length, the TriEagle Energy Eagle 36 is a shining star on our list. With this plan, you can lock in the rate of 6.94 cents per kWh for 36 months. And, with energy prices fluctuating monthly as they do, locking in this rate for three years provides optimal price protection. This will especially come in handy during the extreme cold and warm weather months. Also, if you want to earn some rewards, you can take part in the TriEagle Referral Program. Refer a friend and earn up to $75 in rewards for each friend you refer.

Compare PECO Area Electric Rates

Any of the plans mentioned above are good ones to consider. We’ve carefully created the list to make your job easier. By considering the plan price, overall value, and customer reviews, we’ve compiled this list to offer recommendations as to the best of the bunch. To learn more about these four plans, or to review other options in the PECO area, visit



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