PECO rates are rising this summer. Shop these electricity plans keep you cool!

PECO Raising Residential Generation Rates 7%

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PECO Increases Residential Generation Rates Philadelphia utility PECO recently filed a rate change with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PA PUC) which may give electricity customers a shock. The company filed a new rate of 6.909 cents per kWh for its Generation Supply Adjustment (GSA) charges, up from its current rate of 6.433 cents per […]

FirstEnergy utilities are cutting commercial PTC rates but you can find a cheaper deal when you shop electric plans for your home!

FirstEnergy Cuts PTC Commercial Rates in PA!

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FirstEnergy Reduces PTC Commercial Rates At the beginning of March 2022, FirstEnergy electricity companies in Pennsylvania saw a reduction in commercial Price to Compare (PTC) rates. In fact, most FirstEnergy companies cut their commercial PTC rates between 14-20% which is an electrifying amount! The current energy rates run for three months, from March 1, 2022, […]

Another PA power supplier is leaving the state. Find out what happens to your electricity and how much it costs.

What Happens to My Power if My Supplier Leaves PA?

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What Happens When an Electricity Supplier Leaves PA Sometimes an electricity provider stops offering service in your state. This supplier situation recently occurred in Pennsylvania. Sunrise Power & Gas stopped providing electric service to both residential and commercial customers. With this possibility in mind, you’ll want to prepare in case it happens to you. If […]

Find out how you can save on your monthly Harrisburg electric this April. Shop now and save all year.

Cheapest 12 Month Harrisburg Electric Plans

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Cheapest Harrisburg Electric Plans Whether lighting a tea kettle in your Dublin, Ireland, home or powering your lights in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, chances are good you want to save money on electricity. After many A Week in Winter this past year, it’s easy to get charged up over high energy prices, wherever you live. When you […]