Another PA power supplier is leaving the state. Find out what happens to your electricity and how much it costs.

What Happens to My Power if My Supplier Leaves PA?

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What Happens When an Electricity Supplier Leaves PA

If your PA power supplier leaves the state of goes out of business, what do you do? Stay calm and find out how your light stay on.
Not all retail electric companies succeed. And just because your PA power supplier’s lights go out doesn’t yours will, too. Stay calm and find how what options you have.

Sometimes an electricity provider stops offering service in your state. This supplier situation recently occurred in Pennsylvania. Sunrise Power & Gas stopped providing electric service to both residential and commercial customers. With this possibility in mind, you’ll want to prepare in case it happens to you. If you’re thinking, “What happens to my power if my supplier leaves PA?” Don’t panic and don’t get all steamed up! We’ve got answers for you should your company leave!

The Process When a Power Supplier Leaves

Let’s face it. Energy suppliers may not offer service indefinitely. Circumstances change and some electricity providers can’t continue providing service. If your electricity supplier decides to leave Pennsylvania, you must know how this will affect your electricity service. Most importantly, don’t worry! Safeguards exist so as not to leave you in the dark.

Under Title 52 of the Pennsylvania Code when an electricity provider plans to stop offering service in the state, they must:

  • Provide the customers with notice. An electric supplier that plans to stop offering service must notify its customers at least 90 days prior to leaving.
  • Offer customers a default service option. The supplier typically offers its customers the option of moving to the default service offered by the local utility. Customers can also choose to shop for a new electricity plan with a different supplier.
  • Transfer remaining customers to default service. For any customers that remain after being notified, the electricity supplier must then ensure their service is transferred to their local utility. Customers will then pay the current Price to Compare (PTC) rate.

The steps above help to ensure an easy transfer of electricity service. Therefore, the customers can continue to receive electricity without service interruption.

Electricity Customer New Plan Options

If electricity customers don’t want the default service, they can choose their own plans. Here are some tips to find the best electricity plan:

  • Know about shoulder season pricing. Electricity plan pricing is possibly lower during the spring and fall; i.e., the shoulder seasons. Try to sign up for a plan during this time.
  • Look at the price per kWh. Check out the kWh rate; this shows you how much you’ll pay per each kWh.
  • Consider monthly recurring charges and early termination fees. Don’t choose a plan based on the kWh rate alone. Note the presence of added charges each month. Also, check out potential early termination fees that can bump up overall costs.
  • Consider pros and cons of each plan term length. There are pros and cons with various plan term lengths. You may find a cheap short-term rate but only have it stay in effect for a few months. On the other hand, you might find a slightly more expensive option but can lock it in long term. Know the pros and cons of plan term lengths. For example, is it better to get a short-term plan at a low price or lock in a cheap long-term rate? A short-term plan may provide you with a better rate than a long-term plan. On the flip side, you may want to lock in a low rate for a long time. Look at the term length and see what the rate is to help you choose the right plan.

Consider these factors carefully! By doing so you can choose the right electricity plan for your needs.

Shop For a New PA Power Supplier and Save!

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