Get the Cheapest Electricity in PPL Territory

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PPL Covers One of the Keystone State’s Most Populated Areas— 

From Harrisburg in the west, Bethlehem in the east, Williamsport up north and Lancaster down south, PPL covers some of the most populated and highest profile parts of Pennsylvania. All of these cities are large and there are lots and lots of people in the smaller communities surrounding them. If you live in in Eastern and Central PA, you know that it can be confusing to shop for cheap electricity.

The best way to find the lowest rates is to make an “apples-to-apples” comparison, one plan versus another.

Compare 36 Month Plans

Here are three plans that last for 3 years:

Company                                             Rate                                         Cancellation Fee

Just Energy                                                  8.1¢ per kWh                                       $50

XOOM Energy                                               8.0¢ per kWh                                       $150

Constellation                                                8.2¢ per kWh                                       $150


These three plans clearly offer different advantages:

The average US residential home uses 901 kWh per month. Using that number, the price difference between XOOM and Constellation is only about $18 per year. If there is a possibility that you might cancel your contract, the $100 difference between Just Energy and the other two plans can be significant. In fact, the savings won’t make up the cancellation difference between the 8.0¢ per kWh of XOOM and the 8.1¢ per kWh of Just Energy. These are the reasons that you should choose cautiously in order to ensure that you get the cheapest electricity in Pennsylvania.

Compare 24 Month Plans

Both Just Energy and Constellation offer 24 month plans with a rate of 8.4¢ per kWh. There are two significant differences between these two plans:

  • The Just Energy plan has a cancellation fee of $50 versus $150 for Constellation. Again, if you’re likely to cancel your plan, this can make a difference.
  • The Constellation plan is 100% renewable energy, giving you the peace of mind that you’re not contributing to greenhouse gases.

Compare 12 Month Plans

There are lots of 12 month plans available. Here are a couple that stand out:

Sperian Energy – At just 6.7¢ per kWh, this is the least expensive rate on the list. The cancellation fee is $75. This can be a great way to save money for an entire year.

Spark Green Advantage Plus 12 – With a rate of 7.9¢ per kWh, Spark Energy offers a 100% renewable plan with a $100 cancellation fee.

Compare 6 Month Plans

Sperian Energy offers a 6 month fixed plan that might be among the cheapest electric rates in Pennsylvania. It only has a $49 cancellation fee. This can be a great way to have a short-term contract and be able to negotiate a plan in half a year.

The only really great way to get the cheapest energy in Pennsylvania is to compare plans side-by-side, apples to apples. By comparing a plan’s term, cancellation fee, and green energy content, you can make an informed choice and even save some money.

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