Let’s Get You Cheap Electricity in Pittsburgh!

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Three Keys to Finding Cheap Electricity in Pittsburgh

Duquesne Power covers much of Allegheny and Beaver Counties and includes the City of Pittsburg. With about 584,000 customers, this is one of Pennsylvania’s largest electric distribution companies.

With such a big area, finding the best energy prices in PA is matter of knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Length of Term – Plans range in length from 4 months to 36 months. The key to knowing which plan to choose is to consider how long you plan to be in a certain place. If you’re on a month-to-month tenancy or you own your home, the length of your contract is the most important governing factor.
  2. Likelihood of Cancellation – Most of us wouldn’t go into a contract expecting to cancel it, but if there’s a change you might cancel, make sure you account for that idea.
  3. What Kind of Rate? Variable month-to-month rates provide freedom from commitment but rates can rise. A fixed rate provides more predictable monthly bills for a longer time.

Suppliers versus Distribution Companies

The way that your energy works is that there are 2 companies involved, the supply company and the distribution company.

The supply company is the company that you will choose a contract with. They will take your money and sell you electricity at a contracted rate.

The distribution company makes sure that the power gets to your house, that the lines are good, and handles it when there’s a power outage. You really only need to interact with them when there is a problem.

Shopping for Different Supply Companies

There are lots and lots of companies offering power in the Duquesne service area. To find one that you can count on, one that is rated well, you need someone to help you sort it all out. The list of potential suppliers is massive. That’s where paenergyratings.com comes in. Our site is the one convenient place where customers just like you can read reviews, examine suppler rankings, and compare rates and plans.

Finding the Cheapest Electricity in Pittsburgh

Here’s the best rates in the Duquesne Power service area:

7.0¢ per kWh 12 Month Fixed from Sperian Energy – $75 cancellation – This is the perfect plan for one year. This gives you security against rising rates over the next year.

7.2¢ per kWh6 Month Fixed from Sperian Energy – With just a $49 cancellation, this is an excellent plan for anyone with a short-term lease or who is not ready to make a longer commitment.

7.9¢ per kWhGreen Online Premier 6 from Frontier Utilities – This is a 100% renewable energy plan that only has a $10 cancellation fee. This is the perfect way to make certain that you are keeping your power source green and renewable.

8.2¢ per kWh36 Month Home Power Plan From Constellation – Constellation can give you the peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens to energy prices, you will pay a set price for 3 full years. With a $150 cancellation fee, this is a plan that you need make sure you’re going to go through with. But it’s the best way to guarantee cheap electricity for long time.

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