Caulking and Kisses To Save More this Valentines

Winter isn't over yet! Caulk and seal more than with a kiss this Valentines Day to weatherize your home!

Couple’s Activities to Help Save on Electricity Bills

Save more this Valentines Day by sealing  your home with the one you love. Learn how to cut your energy bills now to spend more on romance later!
Save more on keeping your love next warm this Valentines Day! Learn how to cut your energy bills now to spend more on romance later!

Valentines Day is here! But this year, instead of going out to a fancy dinner, why not do some home maintenance together to save on energy? So doff the fancy clothes and grab your work jeans! We have several couple’s activities that’ll save you money on your electricity bill. That way, you can spend the savings on a romantic get away later on!

Go Window Shopping and Save

How can window shopping save you money on electricity? By better insulating your windows of course! Upgrading your blinds to cellular shades can save you 15% on your heating and cooling costs. That’s nothing to shiver at! Add in some good light blocking curtains and you can reduce heat gain during the summer by up to 77%. And not only that, these upgrades are aesthetically pleasing, which can definitely spark your romantic mood.

Let HVAC Maintenence Save the Day

Maintaining your HVAC is a quick way to save money. Thankfully maintaining your HVAC isn’t too difficult but an extra set of hands always helps! Change your home’s air filters every 1-3 months. A dirty air filter can block airflow, increasing your HVAC electricity usage by 15%! Evaporator and condenser coils can get dirty as well. So clean these, and then for outdoor units clear any dirt, debri, or fallen leaves for two feet around the unit. Occasionally pass a brush or stiff wire through the outside unit’s drain channels. Lastly, pour vinegar into the HVAC’s condensate pipes to help prevent mildew growth and keep the drainage clear.

Get to Caulking this Valentines Day

Sealing air leaks in your home keeps the cold, humid air outside and your home at a comfortable temperature. And it has the best savings potential!

Cold air and drafts can sneak through the smallest spaces in your home, including windows, doors, and even plumbing. So, for window and door leaks, use caulk and weatherstripping to seal up these spots. And as for plumbing areas where drafts and cold air seep in, you can use caulk or expanding foam to seal up these areas. Blocking the drafts in these locations will ensure the warm air generated inside your home stays there. But if you have a large sealed area that tends to stay cold, such as your basement, you can add fiberglass insulation for maximum heat retention results.  You can also add insulation around your window air conditioning units, any windows located in unused rooms, and especially to your attic floor. And as a result you’re bound to see the savings on your electricity bill.

Shop for an Electricity Plan You’ll Love

All of these fun couple’s home maintenence activities are sure to save you money! But if you really want to pad your wallet, you should be shopping for a better electricity rate. Compare providers, read reviews, and find the best electricity rate for you all at

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