Cheap Renewable Energy Plans in Latrobe

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Save money and save the environment with cheap Renewable Energy rates in Latrobe, PA.
Don’t be scared! It’s not a green monster!
You can save money and save the environment with cheap Renewable Energy rates in Latrobe, PA.

Finding the Best Renewable Energy Plans in Latrobe

Do energy prices in Latrobe have you running scared and feeling fearful of future high electricity costs? What if you’re searching for renewable energy options? Well, don’t worry! Even though it’s a spooky time of year, your energy costs don’t have to be scary. Just like a bag of Halloween candy, there is a variety of great renewable energy options for Latrobe residents. From affordable green energy choices with no monthly fees to renewable energy plans with low early termination fees, you’ll find the right type of Latrobe electricity plan.

Cheap Renewable Electricity Rates

The Verde Energy Green Guardian 12 offers a 12-month fixed rate plan of 8.09 cents per kWh. In addition to no monthly recurring charge, there is no early termination fee, if you need to cancel early. This affordable plan allows you to lock in a rate for 12 months and not worry about any frightening rate increases, especially during those cold winter month.

Best Green Energy Plans in Pennsylvania

Tomorrow Energy offers two renewable energy plans, including the Tomorrow Energy 12 Month Fixed and Tomorrow Energy 24 Month Fixed. The 12-month plan is 7.09 cents per kWh and the 24-month plan costs 10.10 cents per kWh. There is no monthly recurring charge with either plan. If you have to cancel the plan early, just know that there is a $75 early termination fee to do so.

Cheap Renewable Energy for Latrobe

XOOM Energy offers its renewable energy plan, SimpleClean 12. The SimpleClean 12 plan is a 12-month fixed rate plan for 7.19 cents per kWh. With this green energy plan you’ll have no monthly recurring charge to pay throughout the 12 months. There is a $110 early cancellation fee if you need to end your plan term early.

PowerSwitch to the Best Renewable Energy Suppliers

Don’t let this time of year haunt you when it comes to your electricity bill. Choose an environmentally-friendly electricity option and get a great deal at the same time. It’s the treat you’ve been hoping for all along! To make your decision even easier, check out for company information, plan details, electricity rates, and customer reviews.

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