First Energy Reverses Rate Increase to Decrease

When First Energy's planned rate hike ran afoul of the PA PUC, they decided to lower rates, instead. With this only lasting 6 months, consumers should shop competitvely prices plans now to lock in savings.

First Energy Backing Out of Rate Hike

First Energy's Rate increase this June has changed to a decrease instead. Lower rates mean more competitive prices! Shop plans and lock in the cheapest price now!
Learn why First Energy’s Rate hike changed to a decrease. These lower rates mean providers will compete to offer lower priced plans. It won’t last long so shop plans to lock in the cheapest price now!

Good news for First Energy customers this summer. Previously, First Energy had filed for a rate hike for the six month period of June 1, 2024 through November 30, 2024. But, they’ve since backed out of that plan and will be cutting rates instead. So, why the change? There’s a few factors involved, and we’re here to explain them all.

Rate Hike Reversal Following Investigation by PUC

First Energy filed a rate review on April 2, 2024 to request rate hikes for all their PA utility companies. The company stated that the requested rate hike is for grid improvements and maintenance. Quickly afterwards, formal complaints were filed by both the Office of Consumer Advocate and the Office of Small Business Advocate.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) responded to the complaints and voted to suspend the request. They then launched an investigation to determine the “lawfulness, justness, and reasonableness of the rates, rules, and regulations contained in the proposed filing.” The suspension of the rate increase will last until January 1, 2025.

In response, First Energy has filed a separate rate request, that does not include the proposed increase for grid improvements and maintenance. Instead, these new rates will all decrease the current PTC rates.

How Much Will A New First Energy Rate Cost?

The new First Energy PA rate estimates are all based on an average use of 1,000 kWh a month. Your own actual usage, however, will vary.

  • Met-Ed is requesting a 8% decrease. The average bill will decrease by about $9.04 monthly.
  • PenElec is requesting a 8% decrease. So, average bills will decrease by about $8.49 monthly.
  • West Penn Power is requesting a 12% decrease. An average bill will decrease by about $12 monthly.
  • Penn Power is requesting a 8% decrease. Average bills will decrease by about $8.98 monthly.

These new PTC rates will last until November 30, 2024. So while this reduction may push retail price lower, it won’t last long. And with a NOAA forecasting a La Niña winter ahead, your PA energy costs could go up.

Avoid Changing PTC Rates

Summer months are closing in, and with the heat comes rising electricity prices. While First Energy is decreasing their rates now, they could rise again in the future. The best way to keep a steady electric bill at a low price, and avoid changing PTC rates, is to lock in a long term electricity plan. Read reviews, compare plans, save money and more when you visit

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