PA PUC to Hold Public Hearings for FirstEnergy Rate Hike

All FirstEnergy PA rate hikes must first be approved by the PA PUC. However, the PUC can delay rate requests and hold public hearings to determine whether a rate change is fair or needed.

FirstEnergy Rate Hike Under Scrutiny

A rate hike to cover FirstEnergy upgrades and repairs will affect all four of the company's PA utilities. Learn how it affects your bills and how to make your voice heard.
FirstEnergy filed for an increase that will hike the rates in all four of it PA utilities by $255 a year. The PA PUC is seeking public input on this increase. Learn how you can make your voice heard.

FirstEnergy is once again under investigation by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC). This time, though, it’s because of a proposed rate hike from FirstEnergy. However, PA energy consumers have the chance to tell the PUC exactly what you think about the proposed rate hike! So, if you’d like your shot, here’s what you can do about the rate hike. Plus we’ also see how you can get affordable electricity from a reputable provider.

FirstEnergy Proposed Rate Hike

In April, 2024, FirstEnergy filed to raise rates across all four of their PA utilities by a total of $502 million. The company says the rate hike covers grid upgrades and repairs.  But for their customers, these hikes raise average customer’s bills from $16.61 to $21.30 per month. That’s about $255 a year.

Naturally, public outrage erupted at the announcement. As a result, the Office of Consumer Advocate and the Office of Small Business Advocate both filed formal complaints. Accordingly, the PUC responded to them and voted to suspend the FirstEnergy request until January 1, 2025. The PUC then launched a probe into the rate increase.

Public Hearings over FirstEnergy Rate Hike

As part of the investigation, the PUC has announced a statewide series of hearings. These public in-person and call-in hearings will run from June 25, 2024 to July 17, 2024. So consumers have plenty of time to make your voice heard! But if you’re nervous about testifying, the PUC offers tips on how to prepare.

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