Summer in PA – Cooling Prep Tips

Dirty air filters restrict air flow and add to your summer cooling costs. Check out our other tips to help you reduce your energy usage and cut your PA electric bills.

Lower Cooling Costs This Summer

Your PA cooling costs this summer could skyrocket. Use these energy efficiency tips to keep your AC use lower and save money as well.
Summer heat is starting early this year. Learn how to cut your cooling costs this summer with these energy efficiency tips.

It’s almost summertime, and this year is set to potentially be the hot, humid and gross. And unfortunately, keeping cool using your AC can seem impossible without incurring a high electricity bill. But we’ve got some great cooling tips to help you stay frosty this summer. And, also how to get the cheapest electric rates.

Inspect and Maintain Your AC

Inspecting and maintaining your AC will help it run efficiently. That way, you’ll save on energy costs and cool your home easily. The easiest things you can do to maintain your AC are changing the filters, cleaning the outside condenser coils, and ensuring good airflow around it.

First, check your air filters. Did you know that replacing a dirty filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%? Not to mention, changing a dirty filter can greatly improve you air quality. Check filters every 30 days or so, according to your system’s manufacturer instructions.

Next up is to inspect your condensing coils. An air conditioner’s outside condensing coils help it change warm air into cool air. Clean and inspect your condensing coils once or twice a year. For tough cleaning jobs, use a foaming coil cleaner and wash it away with your garden hose. And don’t forget to remove any brush or leaves that might be blocking airflow.

Lastly, ensure good airflow throughout your home by keeping all of your vents clear of obstructions and open. Closing off unused rooms can seem like a good idea, but it can unbalance your home’s ventilation system. This can lead to uneven temperatures and in extreme cases possibly damage your HVAC!

Prep By Pre Cooling Your Home

Before the heat begins building on really hot days, you can prep your home by pre-cooling during off peak hours. Run your AC after 9 pm and before 9 am. Then, during peak hours, raise your home’s thermostat to cut your AC’s runtime. This way, your home will take longer to heat up when the sun is beating down.

Additionally, avoid running other appliances during peak hours. Using an oven, dryer, or other large appliances can heat up your home. Try washing clothes and dishes at night, using an air fryer to cook, or hanging your laundry outside to dry.

Cooling without Summer AC Costs

There’s a few other things you can do to keep cool without AC.

  • Wear the right clothes. Loose, lightly colored clothing in natural fibers will keep you breezy. And don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Make sure you stay hydrated so you sweat. Sweat is the main way our bodies maintain cooler temperatures. Drink plenty of water and other non-alcoholic and caffeine-free beverages. And, taking a cold shower can quickly lower your core temperature if you’re overheating.
  • Fans help you stay cool by evaporating sweat. They also cost much less to run than AC! On brutally hot days, in the shade as much as possible.

Cool Off with a Fixed Electricity Rate

Now that you know how to keep your home cool, you’re more prepared for the summer. But did you know you can also save money by shopping for a better electricity rate? Compare plans, read reviews, and find the lowest rate this summer. Visit

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