PowerSwitch To 12 Month Plans PECO Norristown, PA!

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Get the best electricity rates in top plans that might fit your family’s needs!
Shopping for the right energy plan in PECO Norristown, PA, can be confusing . Luckily, we’ve picked the best electricity rates in top plans that might fit your family’s needs!

What’s The Best 12 Month Plan in Norristown?

Are you moving soon? If you’re like many whose leases are up this summer, you might be looking to switch your electricity plan in Norristown, PA. We’ve used PA Energy Ratings.com to look through and find the best deal on a 12-month fixed rate plan­­– perfect for that new apartment or home! Our three best plans offering the best value in the Norristown area are Public Power 12 Month Fixed, Next Era Saver 12, and Frontier Utility’s Online Premier-12. These plans share a lot of similarities, such as:

  • None are 100% “green power plans
  • All offer free online access, paperless billing, and bill pay
  • All are fixed rate plans

You may be tempted to look for a variable rate plan to save money, but this leaves you open to drastic rate changes during high-use times of the year such as the deep of winter, or the dog days of summer. While it may offer you a low introductory rate, the following months will often see large spikes in prices based on the wholesale cost of electricity– spikes that often cost you much, much more than you originally anticipated.

How much will these plans cost me?

Two things are really important while shopping for electricity: the kW/h price, and any fees that come along with it.

  • Public Power seems to have both the highest customer satisfaction, and the lowest price. Their 12 Month Fixed plan costs only 7¢ per kWh, and doesn’t have a cancellation fee.
  • Next Era also offers a comparably low rate, at 7.1¢ per kWh, but has a $10 per remaining month cancellation fee.
  • Frontier Utility has the highest rate at 7.4¢ per kWh, and also has a $10 per remaining month cancellation fee. This is still a competitive price though, as some electricity prices in Norristown go up as high as 10.6¢ per kWh!

Price per kWh may look all well and good on the screen, but how much does that really cost you per month? The average Norristown home uses about 841kWh per month. Not including PECO’s distribution charges, these plans’ approximate costs per month and per year break down like this:

  • With Public Power, you would spend around $59 a month.
  • With Next Era, you would spend about $60 a month
  • And with Frontier Utility you would spend about $62 a month.

These minor differences become much more noticeable through the course of a year.

  • For Public Power your total for the year would be around $708.
  • With Next Era, your total would be around $720.
  • Finally, with Frontier Utility you would spend around $744

Make the switch today!

It is important to consider your budget when thinking about which plan to choose. Those with fixed or low incomes should keep the long term costs in mind when picking your power plan, especially with cancellation fees and other potential fees outlined in the terms and conditions of your contract. You can increase your savings by looking up how to save electricity in your home. Head on over to http://www.paenergyratings.com to look into switching your power company today!

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