PA Utility Rates Rising! Switch to Cheaper Electric Rates Now!

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Don't pay those high PTC energy bills this winter! Shop now for cheaper electric rates in Pennsylvania.
All over Pennsylvania, utilities are raising their PTC rates this winter! And after three months, they could do it again! Can you afford NOT to shop for cheaper electric rates in PA?

Utility Electric Rates Are On the Rise in Pennsylvania

Get ready, Pennsylvania residents! Utilities are going to be raising rates all over the Keystone State! If you’ve been thinking about switching electricity plans or providers, now is the time to lock in low fixed rates while you still can. Even if you haven’t been considering an electricity plan or provider switch, it’s a good thing to ponder.

With the Price to Compare (PTC) rates increasing in the very near future, you want to be sure to lock in the best rate. Grab a glimpse how these these 12-month fixed rate plans compare to current and future PTC rates offered by Pennsylvania utility companies.

Compare 12-Month Electric Plans with PPL Price to Compare

When it comes to 12-month rates being offered by electricity providers other than PPL you can grab some pretty spectacular rates. Here are some of the current 12-month fixed rates being offered by electricity providers in the PPL distribution area:

Current PPL price: 7.58 cents per kWh
Price on December 1, 2019: 7.63 cents per kWh

Compare the prices! For example, you can save 59 cents per kWh on current prices and 64 cents per kWh in December just by selecting the Just Energy Price Protect 12 plan right now. And that’s just one of the plans you can choose to experience savings!

Other Electric Utilities Are Raising Rates

It’s not just PPL that will be raising its residential electricity rates. Other utilities will also be raising PTC rates in the future months. These utilities include Met-Ed, Penelec, and Penn Power. The new rates will begin on December 1, 2019, and run through February 29, 2020. The new PTC rates will reflect a 15-24% increase. And after that, there’s no telling what the rates will be or how high they’ll go.

Can you afford that kind of price uncertainty from your local utility?

Don’t Take a Chance, Lock In a Fixed Rate Now

The cold weather months mean more electricity will be used and you’ll have more expenses to consider. With this in mind, you should lock in a favorable rate now and take advantage of lower rates before rates increase. You might be overwhelmed by the choices, but don’t worry, because you can find everything you need to make an informed decision on

Check out customer reviews and electricity plans offered by many different electricity providers. Then, lock in a great rate, sit back, relax, and wait for winter to arrive!

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