As DLC Raises PTC Rates PUC Says Shop Suppliers

The spring shoulder month is here. And with DLC and other utilities raising their PTC rates, it's a great time to shop the best low electricity prices in Pennsylvania!

PUC Tells PA Residents to Shop and Save

DLC is raising PTC rates. Learn why the PA PUC says Pittsburgh electricity customers should shop the best PA electricity prices now.
Yes, you can beat those rising DLC rates! Learn why the PA PUC says Pittsburgh electricity customers should shop the best PA electricity prices now!

It isn’t long before summer arrives, and with it comes hotter weather and rising electricity rates. In fact, the Duquesne Light Company (DLC) has already filed to increase their Price to Compare (PTC) rates this June. So what can you do to keep your bills low? You could follow these energy saving tips. But according to the PA Public Utility Commission, the answer is to shop now for a new electricity plan! Here’s what you need to know.

DLC Electricity Rates Rising Again Soon

Because natural gas powers PA electric generator plants, the price of your electricity is tied to the price of natural gas. For most of 2022, gas prices rose dramatically. And electricity prices followed. However, natural gas prices have been steadily decreasing. This is mostly due to increased gas production. And currently, since the weather is mild, energy usage is low. So, the current combination of low natural gas and electricity prices makes spring the best time to shop. But prices won’t stay low long, however. When warmer summer weather arrives, electricity prices will likely go up.

DLC Raising PTC Rates

DLC filed to raise both residential and commercial PTC rates starting June 1, 2023. Residential rates are going up 4%, from 8.83 cents per kWh to 9.19 cents per kWh.  That’ll take the electric bill up from $79.47 to $82.71 on average.

Commercial rates are going up even further. Rates are rising by 14%, from 8.52 cents per kWh to 9.61 cents per kWh. And this is just for DLC. Other PA electric utilities are likely to be raising their rates, too.  

Shop Suppliers for the Best Electricity Rates

Thankfully you don’t have to stick with your PTC rate. The PA PUC is reminding people that it’s a good time to shop for electricity plans right now. You could be saving up to $49 a month according data from PUC.

The electricity supply cost usually takes up more than half of your utility bill. This makes finding a better electricity rate a great way to save money. And currently, rates are low. Independent suppliers can respond to the current energy market more quickly than the big utilities. So this means they can save you money.

Beat the Summer Heat with PA Energy Ratings 

Now that you know it’s time to shop, what’s next? Shopping for a new electricity plan can seem daunting. But there’s one place you can shop and compare rates, read reviews, and find the best electricity plan for you. Visit 

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