Cheapest Electricity Rates in Philly for Spring

Spring weather pushes energy demand low and cuts prices. Shop cheapest electricity rates in Philly right now before summer heat starts!

Spring Weather Lowers Electricity Rates

Shop cheapest electricity rates in Philly right now. Spring has sprung and it's nice outside so energy demand is low and so are prices!
Spring time brings flowers, nice weather, and lowers energy prices. Shop and save on the cheapest electricity rates in the Delaware Valley now!

Ready to save money on your electricity bill? Now is the perfect time to shop and compare electricity rates. Spring is in the air, decreasing electricity demand bringing down rates. And natural gas prices have dropped to the lowest since 2020. This all means lower prices for you. So, let’s check out the cheapest electricity rates available in Philadelphia right now.

The Cheapest Electricity Rates Available

Want to find the cheapest rate to get you through the summer months? Check out APG&E and their TrueSimple 6 plan. At a fixed rate of only 7.52 cents per kWh, it’s the lowest price on the market right now. You could save nearly $30 a month compared to the current PECO PTC rate of 9.72 cents per kWh. Keep in mind, there’s a monthly $1.99 fee. In addition, there’s a $100 cancellation fee. With a short 6 month contract, this plan is the choice to save you money until the prices lower again in fall.

Lock in Spring Savings All Year

Looking for a low rate to save you money all year? Look to Frontier Utilities and their Secure Power 12 plan. With a fixed rate of 8 cents per kWh, you could save about $20 a month compared to the current PECO PTC rate. And that’s for a full 12 months, which means you don’t have to shop again until next spring. There is a $9.95 monthly service charge. But, there is no cancellation fee. That gives you the freedom to switch if you find a lower rate.

Save with a Trusted Electricity Provider

Want to save money but stick with a highly rated electricity provider? Check out Safe Harbor 8 plan from Energy Harbor. This 8 month fixed rate plan runs at 8.3 cents per kWh, saving you around $18 a month compared to the current PTC rates. And with no cancellation fees or monthly charges, you can’t beat those savings. Finally, Energy Harbor is one of our top rated electricity companies.

A Full 18 Months of Cheapest Electricity Rates

Maybe you want to lock in a low rate for as long as possible? Then the Live Brighter 18 plan from Direct Energy is the choice for you. For a full 18 months you’ll only pay 8.2 cents per kWh, saving you around $18 a month compared to current PTC rates. And when PTC rates go back up, you’ll save even more. With no monthly charges or cancellation fees, you can’t go wrong with this plan. 

Shop and Save with PA Energy Ratings 

If none of these plans sound right for you, don’t fret! You can compare rates, read provider reviews, and shop for the perfect plan all in one place. But don’t wait. Once summer arrives, rates will climb back up. Visit today to shop and save!

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