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Energy Harbor, formerly known as FirstEnergy Solutions, has been serving retail electricity customers since 1997. They are a financially secure independent power producer and fully integrated retail energy provider focused on safe and best-in-class operations and financial performance. With its fleet of reliable generating resources, including substantial carbon-free generation, Energy Harbor is well positioned for long-term value creation and competitiveness in a low-carbon future and is focused on enabling a growing customer and stakeholder base to meet their environmental, social and sustainability goals.

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Plan Name
Monthly Recurring Charge
The 'Monthly Recurring Charge' is a fee that the provider will add to each of your bills in addition to the electricity/gas usage charges.
33 Month Fixed Rate
33 month
Fixed Rate
9.29¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge
21 Month Fixed Rate
21 month
Fixed Rate
8.79¢ / kwh
1.5% under market rate
Compared to the current PECO rate of 8.9200¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge
10 Month Fixed Rate
10 month
Fixed Rate
8.28¢ / kwh
7.2% under market rate
Compared to the current PECO rate of 8.9200¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge
48 Month Fixed Rate
48 month
Fixed Rate
9.89¢ / kwh
$0.00 monthly recurring charge

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A Wise Move
I previously had a variable rate with another company and the rate went ballistic. I cancelled that company and went to Energy Harbor. I completed the registration and that is all I had to do. Energy Harbor handled everything and everything went smoothly. By switching I saved $275 for the first month David Latshaw from Allentown PA

Was very easy to understand, I got all the information I needed. No hassle. Dee from Toledo OH

Excellent customer service and price
Signing up with Energy Harbor was easy G Mason from North Ridgeville OH

4-5 Star Reviews: 556 (85%)