Cheapest 12 Month Electricity Plans in Allentown

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Shop the cheapest electricity plans in Allentown, PA! Lower than PPL, you'll pay lower rates longer.
Everyone tries to save money. You can save even more when you shop the cheapest electricity plans in Allentown, PA.

Best 12-Month Electricity Rates

Everyone tries to save money, especially now when job uncertainty persists due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, you can save money on electricity, especially with so many cheap Allentown electricity plans available. Local utility PPL currently offers a price to compare (PTC) rate of 7.284 cents per kWh.  However, with electricity rates possibly increasing this winter, the PPL rate may go up when it expires on November 30, 2020. Fortunately, electricity providers in Allentown offer plans that not only are less expensive than PPL but also let you lock in that rate for 12 months. Switching now to one of the cheapest electricity plans in the Lehigh Valley below could save you even more.

Cheapest 12-Month Electricity Plan

For the cheapest Allentown electricity plan, the Frontier Utilities PA Frontier Secure Power 12 plan is one to check out.  With a rate of 5.88 cents per kWh, this plan offers the lowest price for 12-month plans. Frontier Utilities does charge a $9.95 per month recurring fee, so it’s important to factor this cost into the equation. There are no early termination fees attached to the plan, which is a good thing in case you encounter a sudden need to move. When your term is almost up, Frontier Utilities will send you two written notifications about your options. If you fail to respond, the contract continues on a month-to-month basis at a variable rate, but you can cancel at any time with no fee.

Low-Cost Green Energy Plan

For a low-cost electricity plan with renewable energy features, consider the Tomorrow Energy 12 Month Fixed plan. Priced at 7.08 cents per kWh with no monthly recurring charges, this electricity plan offers a rate lower than PPL. Just be aware there’s a $75 early termination fee if you cancel the plan early.

As for the green energy components, Tomorrow Energy purchases renewable energy credits (RECs) from wind power facilities equal to 100% of your electricity usage. These RECs represent 1 megawatt-hour of electricity produced by a renewable energy generator. This plan is ideal for those environmentally-friendly homeowners.

Two months prior to the end of the contract, you’ll receive two written notifications with renewal terms. If you do nothing, the contract continues on a month-to-month basis at a variable rate.

12-Month Plan with Satisfaction Guarantee

The Constellation 12 Month Home Power Plan is another plan to consider and has a satisfaction guarantee and a low price per kWh. With a cost of 7.19 cents per kWh and no monthly recurring charges, the price is right. Constellation attaches a $150 early termination fee to its electric plans, so you want to avoid having to pay this high cost whenever possible. Fortunately, due to the company’s 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee, you can cancel at any time during the first three months at no cost.

Near the end of the contract, you’ll receive two written notices regarding renewal options. If you don’t respond, the contract continues for another 12 months at the price listed in the notifications. However, you can cancel at any time with no fee.

As an added customer bonus, Constellation offers a refer-a-friend program. If your friend signs up for service, both you and your friend receive a $50 gift card.

Low Price Fixed Rate Plan

For another low price fixed-rate option, review the XOOM Energy SureLock 12 plan. With a cost of 7.19 cents per kWh rate and no monthly recurring charges, you have an affordable plan that falls below the PPL PTC rate. There’s a $110 early termination fee associated with this plan but you likely won’t need to use it with a plan this good. When it’s time to renew your electricity plan, XOOM Energy will send you two written notices with details. Just be sure to respond or you’ll automatically be enrolled in the new plan.

The XOOM Energy Rewards program is an added bonus for signing up with this company. When you take advantage of this rewards program, you’ll receive excellent discounts on shopping and dining plus the opportunity to enter in daily giveaways.

Cheap Plan with No Monthly Fees

An additional electricity plan available for 7.19 cents per kWh is the Public Power Saver’s Edge 12 plan offered by Public Power. In addition to a low cost per kWh, this plan has no monthly recurring charges associated with it. You’ll find a $50 early termination fee attached to the plan, which is considerably lower compared to other similar plans. This plan runs for 12 months and when the contract is almost up, you’ll receive two written notifications showing the renewal plan. If you don’t respond, the plan will begin automatically, but you can cancel anytime without a fee.

Public Power also has a rewards program that provides customers with a $25 gift card when their rewards add up to that amount. And, if you’re going to use your rewards for energy-efficient products, the amount doubles to $50!

Choose the Best 12-Month Plan

All the electricity plans listed above are excellent options to consider. Some plans might suit your family’s needs better than others will, so you might find that one plan works best for your household. When choosing the best 12-month electricity plan, consider cost, any added fees, and included plan features that make one plan stand out from the rest.

To help you even more with your decision, be sure to visit You’ll find information on plan details, pricing, company features, and more.






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