The Best Fixed Rate Electricity Plans for PPL Scranton, PA

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High electric bills suck. But often the biggest way to save money is to switch to a new electricity supplier in Scranton.
High electric bills suck. But often the biggest way to save money is to switch to a new electricity supplier in Scranton. Let us help you compare them so you’ll find the energy plan that best fits your family’s needs.

How can I save on my electricity bill in PPL Scranton?

Are you paying too much for your utility bill? It doesn’t have to be that way. While energy prices are rising, you don’t need to be caught out paying exorbitant rates each month. By choosing a fixed rate plan you can lock in the same low price for the duration of your contract. That means if electricity does become more expensive, you continue to pay the same low price. Let’s take a look at some of the best fixed rate plans for PPL Scranton.

Save money now with 12 months or less plans!

If you’re unsure about locking yourself into a long term contract, there are 6 and 12 month plans that may be just right for you. NextEra Saver 6 from NextEra Energy Services offers a low rate of only 7.3 cents per kWh for six months with a cancellation fee of $10 for each remaining month, offering you a safe, short-term solution. On the other hand, Direct Energy offer the Live Brighter 12 plan if you’d like something a little longer, locking in the low price of just 7.1 cents per kWh for the next year with no cancellation fee.

Looking to save more on your energy rates with a longer plan?

If you’re looking to the long term, Direct Energy also offer an 18 month plan with their Live Brighter 18. At only 6.7 cents per kWh, this is the cheapest plan you’ll find when you compare electricity rates in the PPL service area today. With no cancellation fee, there’s no doubt this plan offers an attractive choice to customers looking to save on their energy bills.

But if that’s not enough, TriEagle Energy offers a 24 month plan called Eagle 24. You can lock in a rate of 7.8 cents per kWh for two years, guaranteed. It’s good to keep in mind that there’s a cancellation fee of $125 if you need to break contract before the two years are up, however.

If that’s still not enough, Constellation offers the biggest savings over the long term with their 36 Month Home Power Plan. The average household in Scranton pays 13.91 cents per kWh on their utility bill, yet with Constellation’s 36 Month Home Power Plan you’ll only be paying 7.3 cents per kWh for the next three years, making massive savings on your Scranton electricity bill. There is a cancellation fee of $150, but if you’re looking for something long term, it’s hard to go past this plan.

Lock in your energy rate right now and start paying less!

A fixed rate plan is a great way to save on your bills. By shopping for a new electric supplier in Scranton right now you can guarantee the lowest rates for the next 6 to 36 months, depending on your personal needs. Don’t delay, and remember, you can head over to to compare our choice with other PPL Scranton electric plans.

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