High Texas Freeze Energy Bill in PA?

Could a high Texas-freeze energy bill happen to you in PA? Not if you choose the right electricity plan! Learn what to watch out for and save money!
Many PA customers worry about a big Texas freeze. But choosing the right electricity plan in Pennsylvania is the best way to avoid getting smacked with a high energy bill.

Prevent a Texas-like High Energy Bill in PA

In February 2021, Texas residents had a shocking experience. A huge winter storm brought extreme cold. The high energy demand for heat caused power outages. Energy prices soared and customers with variable rate electricity plans saw sky-high rates. When this happened, consumers in Pennsylvania wondered if this could happen to them. Could a high Texas freeze energy bill happen to you in PA? Not if you choose the right electricity plan!

Protections Offered by PA PUC

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) handles electricity rules in the state and came up with new regulations when a polar vortex occurred in January 2014. The new rules were a way to protect PA electric customers from high electricity rates.

Under the new PUC rules, electricity customers could switch suppliers quickly. Energy suppliers now must clearly state contract terms, show product prices for the past 24 months, and send two end-of-term notices. Additional disclosure rules added by the PUC in 2020 required electric companies to clearly identify introductory prices and time-of-use product rules. The companies must also show how they price variable rate products.

Beware of Variable Energy Rates

While PUC rules protect you, you can also protect yourself from high electricity bills. Beware of the low, attractive rate can make you sign up for a variable rate plan. The rate might look good at first and draw you in, but that price won’t stay the same forever. When the energy market rates change, your price per kWh rate will change, too. So, the rate that was good at first might not be so in the future. This will lead to high electricity bills you might not have expected.

Know When Your Energy Contract Ends

You should also know when your current electricity contract ends. And once it ends, what happens next? That rate you locked in during a fixed rate plan might increase if the company puts you into a variable rate plan. Some electricity companies enroll customers into default variable-rate plans at the term’s end. This can lead to high electricity bills you don’t want or need! To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, look for the two written notices you’ll receive near the end of your plan term. The notices state what happens after your plan ends and you can decide what type of plan you want to enroll in next.

Take Steps to Prevent High Energy Bills

The PUC protects Pennsylvania electricity consumers with expansive regulations. This is an electrifying and welcome concept! You should also take steps to protect yourself from high electricity bills. Consider the pros and cons of variable rate plans. Also, take time to understand your electricity contract. By doing so, you can avoid a high energy bill caused by extreme weather that hit in Texas.

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