How to Save and Survive PTC Hikes

Learn how to save money on your PA bill when you save energy this winter with these great tips.

Save Money By Cutting Energy Usage

Save money on your PA utility bills by cutting your usage. Find out ways to save more and survive those PTC rate hikes!
Weatherstripping doors and window is one way you can cut your energy usage. Find out how cutting your energy usage keeps more heat in your home and cash in your pocketbook.

Fall is on its way and as the weather gets colder, you’ll likely feel chillier if you get high electric bills. And since some Pennsylvania utilities hiked their rates on September 1, 2022, you may see higher than normal electric prices. So, how do you combat these high electricity rates? By taking steps to cut energy usage! Here are some best tips on how to save and survive PTC hikes.

10 Tips to Cut Energy Use

Here are ten ways to cut energy usage and make your electric bill less frightening:

  1. Use a programmable thermostat: When you use a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature in your home accordingly. For example, why have your heat pumped up during the winter when you’re not even home or asleep in bed under a pile of cozy comforters? Your programmable thermostat helps keep costs low by keeping the temps right!
  2. Seal up cracks in windows and doors:  Cracks in windows and doors cause cold air to seep in and make your heater run more often than it has to. Use weatherstripping and caulk applications to seal up these openings and keep warm air inside and cold air out.
  3. Use heavy drapes on your windows: You can keep your furnace from running too often by adding heavy drapes to your windows. The draperies will keep out any drafts that blow in and cause the temperature in your home to decrease.
  4. Get regular maintenance on your furnace: A furnace that doesn’t work well can cause your energy bill to soar. Therefore, it’s important to maintain your furnace and keep it running in the best possible way, especially before cold weather arrives.
  5. Use natural heat: If you want your heater to run less often during the cold weather months, let Mother Nature help! Keep your window blinds open during the daytime to let the sunshine in. The sun will help heat up your home the natural and free way!
  6. Insulate walls and attic space: Heat escapes your home through walls and attic spaces without the best insulation. Make sure to insulate these areas to help keep the heat in and your electric bill down.
  7. Clear and clean air registers and vents: If you have dirty air registers and vents or they’re blocked, your furnace will run longer. The longer your furnace runs, the more money you spend on energy. Therefore, make sure your air registers and vents are clean and able to circulate air freely.
  8. Use energy efficient appliances: Another way to conserve energy is to use energy efficient appliances. Energy Star appliances will help you save money plus gain the benefit of a top-notch appliance. In fact, the Energy Star program has led to a $500 billion energy cost reduction since 1992. All kinds of Energy Star qualifying appliances are available, from refrigerators to washers and water heaters. Therefore, you can find the best appliance you need to save money.
  9. Use a Dutch oven or slow cooker to cook bulk meals: When you make meals in bulk quantity and use a Dutch oven or slow cooker to do so, you may save time and money. The less time you spend cooking, the more money you’ll save by not using your appliances too often.
  10. Use LED lightbulbs: If you have yet to switch to LED lightbulbs, now’s the time to do so! LED lightbulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent lightbulbs. Plus, these environmentally friendly light sources last up to 25 times longer than their incandescent counterparts!

Pay Less with Cheap Plans

Now that you know some hot tips to keep your cool when the electric bill arrives, you may save more money with a cheap electric plan. Take a look at some available electric plans via today and see which price is right for your budget!

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