Sorting Laundry for the Best Energy Efficiency

Washing clothes can be expensive but doing it right can save you money!

Save Energy While Doing Laundry

Sorting laundry can cut your energy usage and actually save you money! Find out how with these great washing tips!
Washing clothes can be expensive! Find out how to sort your laundry for the best energy efficiency and save money on your electric bills!

This summer, you might have frozen in place when you saw your electric bill! All these hot temperatures haven’t been cheap! On the bright side, you can save some money on daily tasks you do around the home, like laundry. And since washers and dryers use a lot of power, specifically an annual average of 590 kWh for washers and around 769 kWh for dryers, conserving energy with these items is a wise idea. But before you throw all your wash in at once without a second thought, consider the following. There may just be a way to save money by sorting your clothes before washing and drying them. Here are some tips for sorting laundry for the best energy efficiency!

Dry Towels Separately from Lightweight Clothing

When sorting your laundry for wash day, keep towels and other heavier items separate from lightweight clothing. The lightweight clothing takes less time to dry and will use less energy. Keeping these lighter pieces of clothing together will cut your dry time and save energy.

Fill Your Washer with Lighter Items

When you sort lightweight items together, you’ll also experience benefits during the wash cycle. You’ll be able to fill the washer with a lot more smaller, lightweight items than if you had all heavier items or a mixture of the two. You’ll save time by doing more wash at once. Plus, you’ll likely save money by doing fewer washes in a week on lightweight clothing.

Full Laundry Loads Save Energy

Once you have your items sorted, do only full loads of wash! Wash and dry a full load of towels together. And make sure your lightweight items reach at least ¾ to the top of your washer for the most efficient washing routine.

Dry Your Clothes on a Lower Heat Setting

Another tip is to dry the sorted items on a low heat setting. The process will take a bit longer than if you used a high heat setting. However, you’ll save energy and preserve the look of your clothing by keeping the heat low. And when you sort your laundry before washing and drying it, the clothes will dry around the same time since they’re of similar weights and fabric consistencies.

Save Money with the Best Energy Plan

Now that you know how to sort your laundry for the most energy efficient results, here’s another electrifying tip to keep in mind: sign up for a low price electric plan!

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