Energy Efficiency Laundry Tips

Your laundry machines always use a somewhat fixed about of energy so it's how you choose to use them that affects their efficiency.

Get Energy Efficiency and Clean Clothes!

Cutting laundry energy usage can save you money each month. Find out these simple energy efficiency laundry tips to save on your PA electricity bills.
Improving your energy efficiency at home usually just means small changes to routine. Check out these simple energy efficiency laundry tips and see how they cut your monthly PA electricity bills.

You want to look your best with your electrifying style, no matter whether you’re headed to work at the office or meeting friends for a night out on the town. Plus, you want to smell fresh and clean. Therefore, it’s vital to clean your clothes on a regular basis. As washing and drying clothes can bump up your electric bill due to their frequent use of power, you should take steps to perform these tasks in a cost efficient way. No matter who your electric provider is, saving money is a key component overall. Here are some best energy efficiency laundry tips that will keep you looking great and help keep your wallet as full as possible.

Do Laundry in Cold Water

One easy way to help you lower energy costs is to use cold water when you wash your clothes. Cold water doesn’t tap into your heating bill and still gets your clothes clean. Plus, this handy tip will help you prevent your clothes from shrinking in the wash.

Full Laundry Loads Use Less Energy

Depending on your washing machine’s size, it will use a fairly fixed amount of electricity each time it runs. That can be between 400 to 1300 watts per hour. Let’s say your washer uses 1000 watts during a normal load. If you do frequent small loads, you’ll run the machine from often. As a result, you’ll use more energy, and pay more on your electric bill. Add in the energy costs for hot water and your cost goes higher.

But if you only wash full loads, you’ll run the machine less often. And that will reduce your electricity usage.

Washing only full loads will also reduce your water usage and help cut your city water bills. Instead, wait until you have a full laundry basket to do the wash.

Plus, you can free up a lot of time doing your wash this way, too! If you have to wash just a few items at a time, use your speed wash cycle if you have one. This will cut down the time your clothes are in the wash and still get them clean.

Clean Your Dryer Filter

It’s important to keep your dryer filter clean. When you clean your dryer filter after every use, you’re helping your machine to work more efficiently. When you have a clean lint filter, your clothes will take less time to dry. Also, by keeping your dryer filter clean, you’re making it less likely that a fire could occur within your dryer.

Save Extra Money with a Cheap Energy Plan

The previously mentioned items are some hot tips to keep in mind when drying and washing your clothes. If you want to save more money on your electric bill, sign up for a cheap energy plan. You can review a wide variety of electric plans on and choose the plan that works best for you and your budget. You’ll also find some additional energy saving tips on the PA Energy Ratings blog which will help you save money on your energy in other ways, too!

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