Cut Cooling Costs With These Hot Energy Efficiency Tips

Find out how you can cut your cooling costs and still feel comfortable!

Reduce Cooling Costs and Save

Lower your cooling costs this summer and find out how to save money year round with ceiling fans.
Reduce your summer cooling costs and get even more savings year round with our energy efficiency ceiling fan tips.

Your air conditioner has probably been running throughout the summer. Don’t get overheated with anger when you see your next high electric bill! After all, we’re still in the hot weather months. You may have forgotten about your trusty ceiling fan. You can reduce cooling costs when you use your ceiling fan instead of your AC. Plus, with our tips, you can save a little extra. So, let’s get started finding cheap cooling options and cut cooling costs with these hot energy efficiency tips!

Get Energy Efficiency with Your Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fan may be collecting a bit of dust if you have kept your AC running nonstop this summer. But don’t forget the fact your ceiling fan can help keep you cool and stay energy efficient. For example, the average annual cost for using a ceiling fan depends on the wattage of fan you have. Here are a few average costs to operate a ceiling fan based on wattage:

  • 15-watt fan: $15.58/year
  • 70-watt fan: $72.73/year
  • 120-watt fan: $124.67/year

These are a fraction of what it costs to run your home’s AC system. When you use your ceiling fan as often as possible, you can cut costs and have a more energy-efficient home.

Tips for the Best Ceiling Fan Cooling

When you’re ready to put your ceiling fan in motion, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Spin it the right way: When you use your ceiling fan, make sure it turns the right way. In order to create the best cooling results in the summer, your fan should spin counterclockwise. This will push cool air down under the fan. In the wintertime, make sure the blades turn clockwise. This direction will pull cool air up and disperse warm air that gathers up near the ceiling.
  • Keep your fan clean: Keep your ceiling fan clean and dust-free, otherwise you could be dispersing allergens into the air that will bother allergy sufferers. You should clean your ceiling fans every two to three months or when you notice dirt building up on them.
  • Use your ceiling fan when you’re in the room: Ceiling fans cool down individuals in the room, not the room itself. Therefore, if you’re not in the room, turn your fan off and save energy.  
  • Choose the right size fan: There are many different sizes of ceiling fans. Make sure the ceiling fan you buy is the right size for your room. For example, a 36- or 44-inch diameter ceiling fan can help circulate air in rooms that are up to 225 square feet in size. In the alternative, a larger diameter fan, such as 52 inches or more, should operate in rooms larger than 225 square feet.

You don’t have to turn off your AC forever! Just keep in mind that you can use your ceiling fan, too, and help keep your energy costs down.

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