PA Solar Power May Out Shine Natural Gas

While natural gas does still generate most of PA's electricity, both state and utility investment in solar power is ramping up and its costs go down.

The Future of PA Solar Energy is Bright

Solar power farms in PA are attracting more investment from both the state and utilities. Learn how their growth could help cut your electricity rates.
Natural gas may have toppled old King Coal, but solar power may eventually have its day. Find out how increased state and utility investment in PA is paving the way.

It may seem shocking to hear that the Coal State is starting to turn to clean energy sources, but it’s true. Solar power in particular is becoming more affordable and accessible than it ever was before. The best Pennsylvania electricity providers are taking notice, and it could affect your electric rates. The future of solar power seems so bright, it may even outshine natural gas.

PA Shifting to Renewable Power Sources

Because costs to build solar farms are falling, both the state and businesses are investing in them throughout PA. The University of Pittsburgh signed a 20 year contract to purchase energy from a new solar farm. In addition, Governor Wolf announced the largest government solar energy commitment in the US. The PA PULSE program pledges to produce 50% of the state’s agency energy usage with solar by 2023.

If that’s not enough, DLC and West Penn Power are both investing in solar energy farms. DLC signed a 20 year contract with Pine Gate Renewables, which is building a 10 MW solar farm. And West Penn Power is currently taking solar bids for up to 20 MW of power. To top it off, clean energy giant OYA Renewables has announced plans for a 3 GW facility in PA.

What is the primary source of power in my area?

Currently solar still has quite a bit of catching up to do. Natural gas is the state’s leading energy producer, followed by nuclear power and coal. As of 2021, clean energy sources only account for 3% of the energy produced in PA. In fact, the largest source of renewable energy for PA residents is wind energy!

Natural gas, however, is facing its own hurdles. Prices for natural gas can be explosive at the best of times. The current high prices are party in response to decreased natural gas production in the US. Recently we’ve also seen more federal government safety oversight on pipelines. In light of all this, investing in solar is showing that it’s a smart move for the state. And with less future reliance on natural gas, electricity rates could fall further in time.

Is Natural Gas Going to the Back-burner?

It’ll be some time until most of our energy comes from solar and other renewable resources. The US EIA estimates that by 2050 20-27% of our energy will be from solar. But why will it take so long? Unfortunately it seems the slow transition is based in government policy. PA has already began setting green energy requirements, and as solar becomes more competitive we may see more incentives for rolling out solar energy. In the meantime, natural gas will continue to be the state’s main energy source.

Don’t Grab Your Shades, Yet

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