Pittsburgh Electricity Plan Ending? Do This And Save!

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When your Pittsburgh electricity plan is ready to expire follow these these steps to help you save money!
Know what to do when your Pittsburgh electricity plan expires? Follow these simple steps and find out how to get a better deal and save money on your energy costs!

Save Money on a New Pittsburgh Electricity Plan

So, you live in the Duquesne Light Company distribution area but you have an electricity provider. Let’s say you receive a second notice from the company stating your 12-month fixed rate electricity plan will expire in 30 days and your rates will change. You freeze in place wondering what to do next. So you ask, what do I do now with my Pittsburgh electricity plan ending? Simple. Do the following and save!

Beware of Variable Rate Electricity Plans

First, read the notices and your plan’s Terms of Service. If it says your plan will automatically roll into a variable rate plan on a monthly basis then beware! Your electricity  rates can skyrocket in the blink of an eye. Since natural gas  powers most electric generators, variable rates follow gas prices. Because natural gas prices rise and fall, you have no guarantee as to what you pay each month on a variable rate. This can be a slippery slope you don’t want to go down.

High Fixed-Rate Plans

Now let’s say your electric company sends you a renewal notice that states your new contract will be a fixed rate 12-month plan at 11.00 cents per kWh. You likely won’t want the company to automatically enroll you in this high-rate electricity plan. Especially since there are other cheaper electric plan options out there. So drop your current provider and save money by shopping for the best electricity plans available.

Find the Best Low Price Electricity Plan

There are plenty of electricity plans that offer low-price fixed-rate plans. You don’t have to settle for variable-rate plans where prices could soar. Nor should you settle for a high-price fixed-rate plan that your current company offers. You can even find low-rate plans that rival the Duquesne Light Company price-to-compare rate of 7.41 cents per kWh.

For example, you can sign up for the Tomorrow Energy 12 Month Fixed plan with a rate of 7.08 cents per kWh. This plan has no monthly recurring charges, so you won’t have this added cost. There is a $75 early termination fee, but if you find a better deal during our contract, don’t let this fee lock you in. In addition, this 12-month plan uses renewable energy. Therefore, you can help the environment and get a great deal on electricity! And this is just one of the many options available to you as your next electricity plan.

Start Shopping for the Best Electricity Plan Today

The Pittsburgh electricity plan selection is hot! Don’t settle for a high-rate electricity plan or uncertain rates. Shop the best electricity plan deals and be prepared for when your current plan ends in 30 days!

Visit https://www.paenergyratings.com to view available plans and learn more about the electric companies that offer them.


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