How to Switch Your Pennsylvania Electricity Provider

Switch electricity providers in Pennsylvania and PowerSwitch to a better plan and get the best low rate energy plan in PA.
Learn how PA electricity customers can switch electricity providers. Find out how you can save money and get the best energy deals that make sense for their home.

Switching Your PA Electric Supplier

So, you’ve had your electricity plan in place for awhile and you’re not 100% loving it. You feel locked in, fed up, and ready for a change. Now is the time to act and switch electricity providers to get a better deal  that meets your family’s needs. As you shop around for electricity plans, there are specific features you need to check out to pick the best PA electricity provider and plan to replace your old one. When shopping for an electric plan in Pennsylvania, consider the following: length of plan term, price per kWh, early termination fees, and monthly recurring charges. Here’s what you need to look for when searching for a new PA electric provider and plan:

Switch Electricity Plans: Fixed Rates versus Variable Rates

You can choose fixed rates or variable rates with your PA electricity plans. Fixed rate electricity plans have a price per kWh that does not change for the length of the contract. With a fixed rate plan, you’ll always know how much it will cost per kWh and you’ll be protected against price spikes. Variable rate plans have prices per kWh plans that fluctuate with the change in the monthly wholesale price.  In some months (like spring and fall), you may have save money if rates go down. Other months, however, you’ll pay more because your rate goes up.

Short Term Electricity Plans versus Long Term Electric Plan Options

When you view the plan options, be mindful of the term lengths and how these will affect your overall plan. Short-term plan, lock in the rate for 3 to 9 months (depending on availability) while long term electricity plans usually last from 12 to 36 months. Fixed rate plans let you rest easy knowing that the rate won’t change. However, during that time the price for electricity in Pennsylvania will fluctuate, which can be good and bad. On the upside, you have the opportunity to grab a better price per kWh by choosing to cancel your fixed rate plan. The downside is that fixed rate plans usually have cancellation fees which will add to your cost when you switch electricity providers. For those in short term fixed rate plans with high cancellation fees, it might make more sense to suffer with your current provider until the contract ends.

Understanding Green Energy Plans

As you hunt for the perfect PA electricity plan you’ll come across green energy plans. Green energy plans are electricity plans which use renewable energy and have environmentally-friendly components. This is the ideal plan for individuals who want to use an eco-friendly PA electricity supplier. And, just because you choose a green energy option doesn’t mean you’ll pay a fortune to do so. Since not all electric companies offer renewable energy, you’ll want to narrow your search on to preview only green energy companies, if this is your preferred type of provider.

Consider Any Fees or Surcharges with Electricity Plans

When searching for your new electricity plan and provider, be aware that fees and surcharges can exist. These items will be noted in the Terms of Service section with each individual provider and state if the customer has to pay any monthly recurring charges, early termination fees, or pay any deposit upfront. And, if you currently have an electricity plan which has an early termination fee attached to it, you want to carefully consider this and perhaps not end your contract early if the cost would be too extreme. Sometimes early cancellation fees are a set amount or based on how many months you have left in the contract. Not all electric companies charge early termination fees, so you might not even have to worry about this.

Electricity Plan Switching Process

Step 1

The first step when switching your electricity provider is to view the list of PA electric suppliers. The list on shows all of the electricity companies in Pennsylvania. To see how each one is ranked, check out recent reviews on the companies. Keep in mind not all companies included on the list will provide service to your area, so you’ll have to filter out the options to your location. Simply enter your zip code at the top of the page and start reviewing the results.

Step 2

When you have the list of Pennsylvania electricity suppliers, you can switch your focus to the plans offered. After entering your zip code, you’ll be directed to a page to specify term length, desired company rating, and possibly find a green energy company. Once you’ve selected your preferred type of plan, the next step is to compare the electricity plans offered by various providers according to price.

Step 3

Say you want a term length of 12 months and you’ve narrowed down the options to all 12-month plans. At this point you can review all electricity plans which have a 12-month term length. Note that each company will offer its own price per kWh. Some prices per kWh will be similar in cost while others will be at opposite ends of the spectrum. Keep in mind the price per kWh is just one factor to consider when switching your Pennsylvania electricity provider. Also consider any additional costs or restrictions attached to the plans to make the best informed decision. Once you’ve reviewed all of these factors, you can make the choice as to which electricity supplier gets your business.

Step 4

Once you decide what new plan and provider you want to go with, contact your new electricity supplier. Your new supplier will mail you a plain language disclosure statement containing prices and terms for your electricity supply agreement. According to PA law, you have three business days from receiving this disclosure document to cancel the agreement (known as your right of rescission). You can do this by writing, calling your new supplier, or electronically (on-line).  After the three day period has passed, your new supplier will contact your local utility of the switch. Your local utility will then mail a confirmation letter within 48 hours showing the date when the new service will begin (usually on the date of the next meter read). This is to prevent slamming and other fraud.

Even though you switch to a new electricity supplier, any power outages, emergency situations, and line repairs will be handled by your local utility provider. Switching providers and plans is easy to accomplish once you know the steps to take.

Avoid Slamming and Fraud When Switching PA Electricity Suppliers

The electricity industry is one of fierce competition and energy providers will do all they can to convert you into a customer. Therefore, be aware of slamming and fraud from door-to-door salespersons and phone solicitors harassing you on a continual basis. Though they’ll promise you incredible deals, they’re really trying to rip you off. There are many fraudulent electricity scams out there, so be aware and only consider legitimate providers.

PowerSwitch to the Best Electricity Plans in Pennyslvania

Using all of this information, you’ll find its easy to shop, switch, and save by choosing a new electricity provider at PA Energy Ratings. Plus, our customer reviews of suppliers and their plans make the process a whole lot easier. You can take your own time to form an informed decision and get the best electricity plan for your home that meets your family’s needs. So don’t wait, get started with the extensive plans highlighted on to switch your Pennsylvania electricity provider with ease and confidence.

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