PJM to Speed Connections to Green Projects in PA

PA has plenty of sites to develop green energy projects like solar and wind. Learn how a new PJM policy may speed up the time it takes to get them connected to the grid.

Green PA Projects Facing Holdups 

PJM green energy projects waited 7 years for approval. A new policy starting in July may change this and help cut PA electricity rates.
PJM’s old approval policy held up many green energy projects for seven years. Learn if their new policy may now speed up development and cut PA electricity rates.

With all the buzz around green energy projects lately, it’s hard not to get excited. Clean, affordable, and abundant energy is great for everyone! But where is all the clean energy in PA right now? Ironically, some of the holdup is due to PJM’s policies for connecting new generators to its grid. But a new policy that began on July 10 might solved get things moving. So, let’s see if it speeds up getting green energy to you. And if it might lower PA electricity rates as well.

Green Energy Connections Facing Seven Year Backlog

PJM runs and manages the electricity grid for PA and 12 other states. PJM must study and approve energy projects and connecting generators before they can begin sending out electricity on to its grid.

Unfortunately, their policy of “first-come-first-serve” has caused a backlog on connecting new electricity to the grid that goes back seven years. There’s now more than 202 Gigawatts of green energy projects waiting in its queue. Of this, over 95% of new projects are also waiting. For PA energy customers, it means they must wait longer for competition to lower their energy prices.

This also delay prevents PA from meeting its clean energy goals to cut carbon emissions. It also discourages developers, their building costs rise while their green projects wait in limbo. As a result, the region may have lost billions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

New Policy Speeding Up Green Energy Projects in PA 

Thankfully, PJM is starting a new policy called “first ready, first served”. PJM will work through the backlog of requests for those projects that actually ready for review. They will also put a hold on reviewing any new connection requests until 2026.

But, some developers doubt that the changes won’t be enough. The queue is significantly large. But PJM is continuing to hire new employees in an attempt to get things moving.

What More Green Energy in PA Means for You

To begin, clearing the backlog could more than double the current grid capacity. That alone would introduce more competition to fossil fuel generators. Second, green energy is cheaper to produce than fossil fuel energy. After all, it doesn’t rely on natural gas, whose prices can be unpredictable. All of this means you get electricity at rock-bottom rates.

In addition, green energy is reliable. Output from most green energy sources can be dialed up or down depending on demand. And adding grid scale battery technology to store the excess energy from wind and solar is constantly improving. 

Finally, green energy creates jobs. In their study the American Council on Renewable Energy estimates that clearing the backlog could create thousands of new jobs. And they’re well paying jobs too. Workers in clean energy tend to make 30% more than the national median wage.

All together, clearing the backlog of green energy generators will greatly benefit PA energy customers. 

Connect to Green Energy in PA

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