Top 9 Packing Tips for Your PA Move

Everyone knows moving is chaotic and expensive. But why put up with it? Read these Top 9 Packing Tips for Your PA Move.
Avoid the chaos, trauma, and expense! Check out these great 9 packing tips to stay stay organized during your move!

Packing Tips for Your Upcoming Move

The Pennsylvania real estate market is hot these days! If you recently settled on a new home, you’re probably ready to start packing and get on with your move. To help make this transition less hectic, check out our top 9 packing tips for your PA move!

1. Get Extra Packing Materials

When you prepare for your big move day, make sure you have more than enough packing materials. In fact, get more packing materials than you think you’ll need. You can always save the extra materials, but you can’t always find these items last minute.

2. Keep Room Items Together

The big idea behind all really good packing tips is how to stay organized during your move. One way to do that is that when you pack your items, keep all room items together in the same boxes. This will help when it’s time to unpack and you won’t find your frying pan in with your bathroom items.

3. Color Code Containers

If you have rooms full of boxes, you might use a marker to write on the box and show where each one goes in the new home. Another way to keep things organized is to use colored stickers to color code each box with a different color for each room or for breakables. For example, eye-popping, neon-green can mean “Fragile, Handle with Care!”

4. Safeguard the Breakables

One shatteringly obvious suggestion is be careful when packing your fragile items. After all, something always tips over in the truck, whether you move across town or across the country. Therefore, make sure your glasses, dishes, vases, and any other breakable items are well padded and marked appropriately.

5. Use Linens and Towels as Packing Materials

You might think to pack your linens and towels separately, but why do so when you can use these items as packing materials. For example, you can use kitchen dish towels to protect your dishware and blankets to protect your furniture from scratches.

6. Put Your Suitcases to Good Use

Use your suitcases for packing those items that you use daily during the move. They are also a good, safe place to keep important documents and medications. Plus, many larger sets of luggage often roll, which makes moving them even easier, especially at the end of a long day of lifting.

7. Keep Items on Hangers

Use wardrobe boxes to store hanging clothing items so you don’t have to take the clothes off their hangers. This makes it easy for you to move the clothing and even easier to unpack it at your new home.

8. Have a Setup Plan

To prepare for unpacking at your final destination, map out a setup plan ahead of time. Draw a basic map of your new home and detail where each furniture piece will go. This makes it easier on you and the movers when it’s time to unload the truck.

9. Pack Ahead of Time

The most important of all these packing tips is don’t wait until the last minute to pack up for your big move! This is true whether you hire a moving company or plan on moving the items yourself. And of course, the most important packing tip is to make sure the electricity service is set up before you move in.

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