What Is The Best 12 Month PPL Plan in Allentown?

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We’ve got the best year-long home electricity rates in Pennsylvania!
You don’t need to look all over the Lehigh Valley for the best 12 month fixed rate.

Who can afford high electricity rates with cancellation fees?

The average Allentown home uses 837 kwh a month. All that adds to a bill fast, so it isn’t a bad idea to look for the cheapest electricity plan with the best terms that you can find. But, with so many different providers, it can be tempting to just pick the first one you see. As it turns out, the cheapest option isn’t always the best choice because sometimes cheaper plans have higher cancellation fees or additional surcharges. Thankfully I was able to compare rates and cancellation fees between providers quickly and easily at http://www.paenergyratings.com.

I made the switch. Why not you?

Comparing Variable And Fixed Electricity Rates

When you start your electric service with PPL in Allentown, you are automatically put onto their variable rate plan. But because you can switch your electricity plan, it’s important to start shopping for an Allentown supplier immediately. Going with a variable rate plan may look cheaper, but looks can be deceiving! The problem with a variable rate plan is that it is variable. Your rates can go up and down at the change of a market price. But with a fixed plan, while you may pay slightly higher you are guaranteed your rate when you lock it in. Yearly price hikes and market changes don’t affect you at all. It’s less hassle to have a predictable price that helps you estimate your monthly bill, without worrying about winter weather or summer heat will bring.

Choosing The Cheapest Fixed Rate Plan

When I shopped for the best options out of the deals available in Allentown, Direct Energy’s Live Brighter 12 Month Fixed Plan was a clear winner. It has a low, fixed rate and best of all —no cancellation fee.

If the average monthly usage for Allentown is 837 kwh/month, then that means that on Direct Energy’s plan, you would spend only about $63 a month before PPL’s distribution fees. I know that’s significantly less than what my variable rate bill was before I switched. This means you would spend about $630 a year on pure electricity, which isn’t half bad! You avoid being surprised by price hikes, save money, and have the flexibility to switch without paying inconvenient cancellation fees.

Making The Smartest Choice

When it comes to getting your power to your home, don’t let yourself be charmed by cheaper plans with pricey cancellation fees. Direct Energy will help you make the switch to their affordable plans today, and keep your home happy and healthy for the year to come.

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