Who Has the Best Electricity in State College, PA?

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Cut the cost of your energy with the best electricity in State College!
Sure we know who has the best electricity in State College! Learn who it is and cut the cost of your energy!

Shop Best State College Electricity Company

State College residents in the West Penn Power distribution area have plenty of electricity companies and plans to choose from. Whether you are searching for a specific electricity plan term length or simply want the cheapest electricity company in town, you’ll find a few different options within each category.   These categories include plans that are cost-efficient, have a convenient term length, and few restrictive terms. Eco-conscious customers will also want to weigh Green energy plans. With these things in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best State College electricity company plans.

Shortest Term Electricity Plan

When looking for the State College electricity company that offers the shortest term electricity plan with little damage to your wallet, the Constellation 6 Month Home Power Plan by Constellation is ideal. This electricity plan has a six month fixed rate term of 5.89 cents per kWh with no monthly recurring charge. Unfortunately, there is a $150 early termination fee with this plan. But, with a term length this short, you probably won’t need to cancel early. Another great convenience is that Constellation plans come with a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee. In other words, there’s no cancellation fee if you decide to end the contract within the first three months.

Least Expensive Electricity Plan, Best Overall

If price is a main determining factor, the Verde Energy Guaranteed Choice 12 plan is your best bet. This 12-month fixed-rate plan offers the cheapest cost, just 5.50 cents per kWh. There’s also no no monthly recurring charge and no early termination fee. The really great thing is that Verde Energy plans use 100% green energy powered by  Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) which support green-sourced electricity producers.

Longest Term Plan, Least Restrictive

When selecting a State College energy plan, you may want to lock in a rate for the longest term possible. The company which offers the longest term and least restrictive State College electricity plan is TriEagle Energy. The TriEagle Energy Eagle 36 plan offers a 36-month fixed rate of 6.32 cents per kWh with no monthly recurring charge. This plan shields you from rate spikes for the next three years. However, you’ll want to consider the $125 cancellation fee if you want to switch to a lower rate plan sometime in the future.

Long Term, Environmentally Friendly Energy

If you are looking for the best renewable energy deal for the long term, Verde Energy’s Verde Energy Guaranteed Choice 24 plan is a superior option. With this plan, you can lock in a rate of 5.69 cents per kWh for 24 months. Plus, there is no monthly recurring charge or early termination fee associated with this plan. Best of all, this is a green energy plan which satisfies your renewable energy goals.

Shop Plans at Your Own Speed and Save!

Finding a State College electricity company plan to fit your needs, whether they relate to cost, inclusions or green energy features, is easy to do when you have all the information you need. Just be sure to do the research in your own time and decide on a company and plan which suits your needs best. Don’t given in to pushy telemarketers or door-to-door salespersons who will try to fool you into switching your service. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission also warns consumers not to allow these individuals to look at your bills or any other personal information. Such electricity plan scams place unsuspecting customers on excessively expensive plans.

By reviewing the various State College electricity companies and plans on https://www.paenergyratings.com and reading reviews on each, you’ll make the best informed decision possible.

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