Duquesne Light Commercial Rate Drops 51%

The DLC default commercial electricity rate can have a big impact on your business. Find out how you can shop to save more money.

Shop a Lower Pittsburgh Commercial Electricity Rate

The commercial rate for electricity from DLC is going down in March. Find out how you can save even more on your Pttsburgh electricity!
The Pittsburgh commercial electricity rate is coming down at last. But not until March. Find out how you can shop cheaper fixed rates to shield your business and home from fluctuating energy costs!

Electricity rates have been high thanks to unstable natural gas prices, but some relief may be in sight. Duquesne Light has filed to lower their default commercial electricity supply rate by a staggering 51% starting in March. Is it time to shop for a new plan for your business? And what does this mean for residential customers?

What is the New DLC Commercial Rate?

DLC is lowering their generation supply rates from $0.205977 kWh to $0.100237 kWh.This doesn’t include the transmission and state tax adjustment surcharge that’s included in the final PTC rate, but it’s still a huge decrease!

Unfortunately, since this change isn’t taking place until March, commercial electricity rates are still high. Not to mention, that PTC rate could rise again later in the summer. Your best bet to save money long term on your electricity expenses is to sign up for a fixed-rate plan. Currently our most affordable commercial electricity plan in Pittsburgh is with SFE Energy. Their plan only cost $0.11106 kWh, nearly half of what you’re paying at current rates! At the typical business usage of 4,247 kWh per month that’s roughly $471.67 a month. That same usage is $874.78 a month with current PTC rates.

Will My Residential Electricity Rate Go Down?

There’s no news from DLC yet regarding their residential PTC rate. But recently we’ve seen DLC change their commercial PTC rate before their residential rates. However, other utilities have filed to lower their residential rates. First Energy has filed to lower all of their utilities’ PTC rates in PA. All of the changes are marginal, but this means that DLC customers can expect their PTC rates to decrease.

  • Met-Ed is decreasing their rates from $0.10303 to $0.10303 per kWh.
  • Penn Power is decreasing their rates from $0.10511 to $0.09568 per kWh
  • West Penn Power is lowering their rates from $0.08517 to $0.10446 per kWh
  • Penelec is lowering their rates from $0.09889 to $0.08227 per kWh

Also, PECO is lowering their generation supply rates in Philadelphia, However, their final PTC rates haven’t been posted. 

Shop for a Lower Rate Today

Until these changes all take effect in March, your PTC rates are still going to be high. So why stick with unstable PTC rates? Securing a fixed-rate electricity plan will help you weather any kind of energy rate instability. Compare and purchase electricity plans today with https://www.paenergyratings.com/

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