Duquesne Light Residential Default Service Rate Falling

Summer heat is coming. Learn how you can shop for a lower electric rate to cut your AC bills and save.

Electric Rates Dropping for DLC Customers

Shop low rate electricity plans that beat the DLC PTC price. Lock in a low priced plan now for the long term.
Shop and lock in the lowest priced electric rate in the DLC area now. That new PTC price won’t last long but fixed rate year long plans can save you more each month!

Good news this spring for DLC customers! Your utility is lowering their default supply rates just in time for the hot summer months. But, this is not the final PTC rate change. We’ll tell you what this means for your summer electricity bill, and how you can find the cheapest electricity rate in Pittsburgh.

What Will the New Duquesne Light PTC Rate Be?

Why don’t we already know the DLC PTC rate? Well, the default supply rate only covers the generation of electricity. The official PTC price will also include transmission costs and the state tax adjustment surcharge. The PUC must approve the changes before the full PTC price is published.

So, a new PTC has not been filed yet. But we can estimate what it might be. DLC’s proposed supply charge is 8.1229 cents per kWh. Assuming no changes to transmission and the tax surcharge, then this might yield a PTC of around 9.77 cents per kWh. That also means providers may cut their prices pretty soon to stay competitive!

The new DLC PTC pricewill only last until November 30th. That’s also when we expect to energy costs to rise for the winter. So with spring electric rates so cheap right, now is the best time to shop long term fixed rate electricity plans.

Shop and Save on Duquesne Light Rates

If we estimate an average monthly energy use at 854 kWh, then a monthly bill with the predicted PTC might be around $83.44 a month. Not bad but we can easily find you a better rate!

For instance, you might want to check out Public Power and their Electric 12 Month Fixed Rate with MRC. They are offering this plan at at only 9.09 cents per kWh to new customers only. With the additional $9.95 monthly charge, your electricity bill comes out to $87.58 a month. While it’s a little more than the predicted PTC, you’d keep this low rate for a year. So if PTC rates do go up in November, you’ll save more money over time. There is also an early termination fee of $50 to be aware of.

The Frontier Utilities A Frontier Secure Power 12 plan at only 8.99 cents per kWh offers more savings. Combined with the $9.95 monthly charge, your electricity bill will come out to about $86.72 a month. Again, a little more than the predicted PTC but only if the PTC doesn’t go up. Then, keep this low rate for a year and you’ll save more money over time. Plus, there’s no termination fees to worry about!

Finally we have the Tomorrow Energy 12 Month Fixed plan. At only 8.59 cents per kWh, your electricity bill would be about $73.36 a month. That’s $10 a month in savings, or $120 in a year! And with no monthly fees to worry about. There is an early termination fee of $75 to be aware of. But you’re also going to be getting entirely renewable energy with this plan, on top of saving money.

Lock in a Low Electricity Rate Before Summer

Those summer months are going to be brutal this year. That means you’ll be running your AC more often to keep cool. So, this summer, be prepared with the best electricity rate available. Shop, compare providers, and more all in one convenient website. Visit https://www.paenergyratings.com

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