Our Fave Electric Plans in Allentown, PA

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Cut the cost of your wintertime PPL bills with one of our fave electric plans in Allentown, PA.
If you’re feeling snowed in by your PPL wintertime energy bills, then check out our fave electric plans in Allentown, PA and see how you can save money!

Best Electric Plans in Allentown

Winter electricity bills can be shocking! With low temperatures and higher electricity rates, you might not want to wait until the shoulder season to get a good deal. That’s especially true if your current plan is ending or if you’re ready to switch because you’re in a high rate plan. Don’t worry, you can find a great deal now! Check out these four fave electric plans in Allentown.

Great Rate Allentown Electric Plan

The Frontier Utilities PA Frontier Secure Power 12 plan has a low rate of 5.88 cents per kWh with a $9.95 monthly recurring charge. This rate is 19.7% lower than the PPL price to compare (PTC) rate of 7.32 cents per kWh! Also, the plan has no early termination fee. Therefore, if you find a better rate during the term, you can cancel and choose to switch without penalty. Be sure to contact Frontier Utilities when you receive the plan expiration notices because the plan automatically rolls into variable rate.

If you’re looking for rewards, Frontier Utilities customers can earn some extra cash through the company’s referral program. With the Refer-a-Friend program, you get a $50 bill credit for every friend you refer. This is a great way to lower your monthly bill!

Low Price Four-Month Plan

If you want a shorter-term plan, consider the Public Power Electric 4 Month Standard Fixed Rate plan. At 6.59 cents per kWh, this plan is 10% lower than the PPL PTC rate. The electricity plan has no monthly recurring charges attached to it but it does have a $50 early termination fee. When you sign up now, the plan will carry you through to the beginning of summer. At that point, you can find another short-term plan to carry you through to the cheap rate fall shoulder season. Or, if you don’t mind paying the $50 early termination fee, you can cancel early and find a cheaper rate in the spring.

When your term ends the company will automatically enroll you in a new fixed rate or variable rate plan. If you don’t want this to happen, contact the company to let them know you want a different plan. Public Power offers a low rate which helps you save money but you can also save cash with the Power Perks program. This free customer loyalty program offers exclusive deals and up to 40% cash back from participating merchants.

Cheap Six-Month Fixed Rate Plan

The Frontier Utilities Online Lock-6 plan is another cheap rate electricity option. Priced at 7.09 cents per kWh, this  plan rate is 3.1% lower than most Allentown electricity rates. The plan has a $4.95 monthly recurring charge, so be sure to factor this into any cost comparisons. There is no early termination fee, so you’re not locked into this plan if you find a better rate during the term. Or keep the plan for six months and find a cheaper rate during the fall shoulder season.

12-Month Fixed Rate Option

The Tomorrow Energy 12 Month Fixed plan is another fave Allentown electric plan. This rate is 3.3% lower than the PPL PTC rate at 7.08 cents per kWh. There’s no monthly recurring charge but there is a $75 early termination fee. When the plan end, it defaults to a variable rate monthly plan which can be very expensive unless you switch. So,be sure to watch for the end-of-term notifications from Tomorrow Energy and then shop for low-priced fixed rate electric plans in Allentown, PA.

Best Allentown, Pennsylvania Electric Plans

Reviewing these best Allentown electric plans is sure to give you a surge of excitement! Find out more by visiting https://www.paenergyratings.com and take a closer look at these electric plans and others. You can also peruse company information and customer reviews to help you make the right choice.

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