How to Find a Reputable Electricity Supplier in PA?

Keep your eyes peeled! There's a lot to watch out for and a lot to look at when you shop for a new electricity supplier in PA. We'll show you how to keep it simple.

Find the Best Electricity Supplier in PA

Shopping the best suppliers for your electricity can be daunting. There's a lot to watch out for, a lot to look at, and a lot to know. Stop worrying! We got this.
How do you shop for the best electricity supplier? There’s a lot to watch out for, a lot to look at, and a lot to know. Stop worrying! We’ll show you how to navigate it all.

With cheap electricity rates currently beating most PTC rates, customers are on the lookout for savings. Unfortunately, not every electricity supplier is reputable. And that makes separating the good offers from the bad deals confusing. So how do you avoid scams but still find the best electricity provider for your home? Because we’ve been ranking and rating electricity suppliers for over a decade, we’ll help show you what to look out for.

Learn to Spot an Electricity Scam

To start with, legitimate suppliers must obey several PA Public Utility Commission rules and laws when marketing their electricity services. But, not every company that’s involved follows those rules. Here’s how you can escape and report a scam.

Phone scams are easy to spot. Callers must immediately identify themselves, the company they work for, and the reason they are calling. If they don’t do this, hang up. And don’t rely on caller ID. Scammers can easily spoof a phone number.

Door-to-door sales scams are a little harder to spot. PA law requires that any agents must display an ID badge. Before you speak with any in person sales rep, check for this badge and call the customer service number on it to confirm who you’re speaking with. The most important thing to remember is to never give out your personal information. Never show a sales agent a your electricity bill. The bill contains your utility account and scammers will use it to swap providers without your consent (usually called slamming). If the sales representative demands to see your bill or becomes aggressive, tell them to leave. If someone is refusing to leave your home or makes you feel threatened, immediately contact local authorities.

If you believe you have been visited by a possible scammer, call your local police and then file a complaint with the PUC’s Bureau of Consumer Services.

How to Spot a Reputable Electricity Supplier

When you are shopping for a new supplier, check that the company is licensed with the PA PUC. Licensed suppliers must meet their standards of practice and agree to follow regulations. Next, check out reviews about the supplier from a trusty-worthy source such as PA Energy Ratings or the Better Business Bureau. A good provider will have generally good reviews. Finally, know what to look for in a contract. Knowing how to shop and compare PA electricity rates will help you find the cheapest plan. Good providers will provide you with copies of your contract plus a plan summary. Lastly, remember that you have three business days to cancel a plan after you sign it.

Shop with a Reputable Source

Now you know how to shop for a reputable provider. So where do you start? There’s only one website I recommend to shop and compare electricity rates. With real customer reviews, company rankings, and the best selection of plans on the market, you can’t go wrong with PA Energy Ratings. Shop and save today at

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