How to Keep Cool and Keep PECO Electric Bills Low

Philadelphia's brick buildings can trap a lot of heat. And even if summer's just about done, keeping your cool can still be expensive. Find out how to save energy and prep for next summer!

Survive the Last of Philly Summer Heat 

Keeping cool in Philly can be expensive. Even though summer's nearly done, there's still some lingering warm days and stuff nights. Find out how to beat the heat and keep your PECO bills low.
Even though summer’s just about over, keeping your cool in Philly can be expensive. Learn how you can save energy, pay lower PECO bills, and prep your home for next year!

The real hot weather may have left Philadelphia but there’s a few warm days left in the forecast. Plus there’s next summer to worry about, as well. For high density urban areas like Philadelphia, the city is full of old brick buildings that hold in heat during the day, turning it into a heat island. And like much of Pennsylvania, brick homes are especially bad at holding in heat. This makes them hard to cool down. If you don’t have AC, staying cool gets even harder. And if you do have it, you may be worried about your electricity bill. So what can you do when you’re suffering from the heat? Here’s a few tips to keep you cool and save energy in Philly.

Keep Cool with Fans

I grew up in the humid, hot south without AC. And in my experience, fans are your best friend when trying to stay cool. If you have a ceiling fan, make sure to set it to spin counterclockwise. This pushes air down to blow across you. A fan’s main purpose is to cool the sweat on your skin, lowering your body temperature. However, a fan won’t lower the temperature of your home significantly. When you’re not in a room, turn them off to conserve electricity. 

When using box or standing fans, I recommend having two. Set up one so that it’s blowing air out of a window during the day. At night, turn the fan so that it blows cool night air into your room. This helps push the hot air out of your home. Have another directed at you to cool you off. You can also place a bowl of ice behind this fan. It will pull air over the cold ice and help you feel cool.

Use Windows to Keep Your Bill Low

Whether you’re in a home or apartment, knowing how to treat your windows can help you stay cool.

During the day, keep your windows closed as much as possible. This is an easy way to keep the heat out. But the covering matters. Insulated cellular shades or window quilts are the best choice, lowering your AC cost by about 30%.

If you don’t have AC, open your windows at night. This will vent the hot air from your home, helping to cool things down.

If You Have AC, Know How to Keep Cool for Cheap

If you have AC, knowing how to use it efficiently will help your home stay cool and lower energy costs.

If you really want to beat that PECO rate then learn to maintain your AC properly. Whether it’s a window unit or HVAC, changing its air filters will keep your unit running its best. Dirt and dust clogged filters prevent air from moving through it. Change or clean filters at least once a month and you can save up to 15% on your energy costs.

Don’t forget to seal the windows in your home. Sealing air leaks keeps the hot, humid air outside and your home at a comfortable temperature. This it helps your HVAC run better all year long. Seal gaps in windows and door frames with caulking or weatherstripping to prevent air leaks.

If you have central AC, don’t close off rooms in your home while your HVAC is running. This can stifle air flow and over-cool some windows. It can also freeze over your AC unit, and in some cases damage air ducts. Leave all the doors open whenever possible to ensure air flow.

Beat the PECO Electricity Rate

Now you should feel equipped to handle the summer heat. But what can you do about high electricity rates? The answer is simple. You can shop for a lower rate, compare electricity providers, and find the best electricity plan for you all in one place. Visit

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