How to Keep Your Cool When the AC Is Broken

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How do you stay cool when you're AC isn't working or you don't want to get burned by a high electricity bill in PA? Check out these great tips!
What do you do when your AC is dead? How do you stay cool without loosing your cool? Hazy, hot, humid days can be dangerous for the very young and old alike. Check out these easy tips to help you stay sane, stay cool, and stay safe!

Ways to Stay Cool in Pittsburgh

The heat is on in Pittsburgh and you probably want to lounge in an air-conditioned room whenever possible. But what if your AC is broken? Or what if you’re just trying to save some cash by not running it as often? After all, money is tight these days due to COVID-19 and many individuals don’t have the money to spend on getting their air conditioner fixed or worrying about high electricity bills. Don’t worry, you can keep your cool and stay cool at the same time when the air conditioning is off!

Take Advantage of Cool Nighttime Weather

The sun and daytime temperatures bring a lot of heat. With this in mind, once the sun goes down and it gets cooler outside, open up any windows you can and let the cool air in. The most efficient way to cool your home this is to open only the windows at the lowest and highest points of your home. This sets up a chimney effect; cool air enters at the low end, warms and rises, and then exits out the highest point. As the warm air leaves, it pulls in more air at the lowest point and cycle repeats.

If you’re able to sleep with the windows open safely, fresh nighttime air will cool down your home quickly. When your windows are open, be sure to run your fans so the air circulates and the hot air moves outside. Keep windows open as long as possible in the morning, shutting them when the daytime heat returns.

Close Blinds and Lower Shades

Another tip for keeping your home cool when the AC is broken is to close blinds and lower shades in the house. The sunlight is a direct cause of heat coming into the home. Once you block out the bright, hot sun, you are going to keep your home cooler and more comfortable until the air conditioning comes back on.

Set Ceiling Fans to Turn Counterclockwise

If you have ceiling fans in your house, you’re in luck as these handy items can help you feel cooler with a gentle breeze. During the winter, ceiling fans spin clockwise to blow air down the sides of the wall. In summer,  set your ceiling fans to spin counterclockwise so that they blow air straight down towards the floor.

Cook as Little as Possible in the Kitchen

Since any type of oven or stove use will drive up the heat in the house, you want to cook as little as possible in the kitchen. When the AC is out, it’s the perfect time to order takeout from your favorite local restaurant. Not only will you be getting a great meal without having to do all the work you’ll be helping local establishments that have already been enduring a tough time during the coronavirus pandemic. You’ll also save money on electricity by not using your kitchen appliances as much.

Cool Down with Ice

When the heat starts getting unbearable, use ice! Starting in the 1930s, railroads air conditioned their sleeping cars by blowing air over huge blocks of ice stored in wooden bunkers beneath the cars . Nowadays, ice storage air conditioning systems are used to cool tall skyscrapers. The system makes ice at night and then circulates air over it during the day.

You can use the same trick. Take a large bowl and fill it with ice. Place the bowl in front of a table fan and sit in front of it. You’ll have a cool breeze blowing your way in no time.

Use Cold, Damp Towels to Cool Down

Sometimes you need immediate relief to get your body temperature back to its normal state and to cool down quickly. Take a hand towel and rinse it under cold water. Then, place the towel on the back of your neck or on other pulse points and keep it there until it begins to warm. Repeat the process and start feeling cool relief again.

Hang Out on the Lower Level

It’s important to stay as cool as possible during summer heat, especially if you’re a senior citizen or have a medical condition which necessitates a cool environment. For those who live in the city, you might live in an older building which keeps in the heat and makes staying cool even more difficult.

If you live in building with multiple floors, make sure you spend a lot of time on the lower level. As heated air rises, you want to relax in comfort on the lower levels as much as possible. This will help you to stay comfortable until the air conditioning is up and running once again.

Save Money When the AC is Back On

When the air conditioning is fixed and you’re ready to enjoy cool comfort again, make sure you’re getting a good price on your electricity plan. There are many Pittsburgh electricity plans and providers to choose from where you can get a great price on your plan.

Visit to explore your Pittsburgh electricity options today! Explore the customer ratings on various electricity companies and plans to see which one is best for your needs and budget.

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