Met-Ed Memorial Day Home Maintenance Tips

Met-Ed rates are rising this summer! Find out how you can save on keeping cool and comfortable with our Memorial Day Home Maintenance Tips!

Cut Your Met-Ed Electricity Bill This Summer

Use our Met-Ed energy Maintenance Tips to cut your energy use and save on rising PTC electricity bills this summer.
Find out how to cut your Electricity Bill This Summer! Use our Met-Ed Memorial Day Home Maintenance Tips to save on keeping cool and comfortable.

Electricity rates are going up this summer for Met-Ed customers. And with this summer promising to be hot, you can expect high electricity usage. If you’re looking for ways to cut your bill, we’ve got you covered. Here’s some of the best summer home maintenance tips to cut your Met-Ed electricity bill.

Met-Ed AC Tips: Fans Save Energy

Did you know the biggest electricity draw in our homes is heating and cooling? If you want to save money, you only want to run your AC when you really need it. Fans can help with that.

First you want to make sure your ceiling fans are prepped for the summer. You can do this by making sure they are clean, in working order, and turning the right direction.

Next, use box fans wisely. When not running your AC, place one facing out of the window to push hot air out during the day. At night, turn the fan around to blow cool night air into your home. 

A key thing to remember with these Met-Ed fan tips is that a fan works best by evaporating sweat from your skin. This cools your body naturally. Since you feel cooler, you can set your AC temperature higher. That will help you save money. However, a fan won’t actually lower the temperature of your home. So, when you’re not in the room with a fan, be sure to turn it off to conserve electricity. 

Met-Ed Insulation Tips: Keep Out the Summer Heat 

Keeping the heat out and stopping air leaks is important to lowering your electricity bill and keeping your home comfortable. 

During the day, keep your windows closed and covered as much as possible. This is an easy way to keep the heat out. But the covering matters. Insulated cellular shades or window quilts are the best choice, lowering your AC cost by about 30%. 

You also want to weatherize your windows and doors. Consider sealing drafts with caulking or weatherstripping. You can also install storm doors or windows to help add an additional layer of insulation.

Finally, check your attic to make sure it is air sealed and well insulated. By upgrading your attic insulation, you can save you nearly 15% on heating and cooling bills!

Maintain Your AC to Save on Electric Bills 

Here’s one of biggest Met-Ed savings tips: don’t forget the AC maintenance! Running your AC efficiently will help reduce electricity usage and save you from uncomfortable heat.

Firstly, check your system’s blower filter. A dirty filter can increase your AC energy use by up to 15%. That gets expensive! Not to mention dirty filters can increase allergens and dust in the air. Replace your filters once a month for best results. You can also consider buying air filters that you clean and reuse to save over the long term.

Secondly, clean evaporator and condenser coils. These collect dirt and debris over time and can reduce your AC cooling power. Also, be sure to keep the area around the outdoor condenser free from foliage to help with air-flow.

Lastly, consider signing up for an annual HVAC system check up. Professional HVAC technicians can check for leaks, clean your unit, check thermostat accuracy and replace coolant if necessary. 

Find the Best Electricity Plan and Save

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