PECO, PPL Rates Rise June 1! Shop Now!

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Watch out PA electricity customers! PECO and PPL Price to Compare rates will rise June 1! Shop now to lock in a low, fixed rate that saves you money!
PECO and PPL prices are getting hot this summer. Their Price to Compare rates will rise June 1! If you want to save money on your PA electricity rates, shop now!

PECO and PPL Rates Increase on June 1

Electricity prices are hot right now but you’re sure to feel a chill when you see the electric plan rate increases this summer. On June 1, 2021, PECO and PPL will raise their price-to-compare (PTC) rates. The PECO PTC rate will rise to 6.323 cents per kWh from the current rate of 6.267 cents per kWh. The new rate will be effective through August 31, 2021. The PPL PTC rate will also increase, moving up to 7.544 cents per kWh from the current rate of 7.317 cents per kWh, and effective through November 30, 2021. But how are you supposed to save if your PECO or PPL rates rise June 1? Shop now!

Assuming an average electricity consumer in PA uses 864 kWh per month. If we include the distribution charges, PECO customers could see the average PECO bill hit $121.71 per month. Likewise, PPL customers could see their average electricity bills (which includes the distribution charge) rise to $120.55.

The good news is that you can find much better competitive rates from electric companies in both the PECO and PPL areas and lock them in!

Find a Low Rate in PECO Area

The lowest rate electricity plan is the Frontier Utilities PA Frontier Secure Power 12 plan. With a rate of 5.98 cents per kWh and $9.95 monthly recurring charge, the average rate comes close to the PECO rate. If we compare this plan to the PECO PTC, it breaks down this way:

Charge for 864 kWh Used Monthly Customer Charge Charge Total
Frontier Utilities Supply charge:

$0.0598 per kWh

$51.68 $9.95 $61.63

Monthly Distribution Charges (excluding riders)

$0.06609 per kWh

$57.10 $9.98 $67.08
Total Bill $128.71


While the rate is a fraction higher, it’s locked in for 12 months. That means it won’t change, unlike the PECO rate can change up to 4 times a year.  There’s also no early termination fee. In addition, you can save more money with this company’s Refer-a-Friend program. Knock down your monthly bill with a $50 bill credit for every friend you refer!

Find a Better Rate in PPL Area

If you want to save money before rates rise in the PPL distribution area, check out the lowest price plan offered by Santanna Energy Services. The Santanna Energy Services Preferred Plus 6 Month plan is 6.59 cents per kWh with no monthly recurring charge. Compare this plan to the PPL option:

Charge for 864 kWh Used Monthly Customer Charge Charge Total
Santanna Energy
Preferred Plus 6 Month
Supply charge:
$0.659 per kWh
$56.94 0 $56.94

Monthly Distribution Charges (excluding riders)

$0.04332 per kWh

$37.43 $17.94 $55.37
Total Bill $112.31


There is a $120 early termination fee so keep this potential cost in mind when comparing plans.  With a potential savings of just under $10, the Santanna Energy Services plan might seem pretty attractive to you. And if you like rewards programs, you’ll enjoy the additional bonus of earning monetary rewards through Santanna Energy Rewards, simply for being a customer!

Shop Now Before Rates Rise

The summer season is almost here, which means that current low rates could potentially rise as the warmer months get into full swing. Now’s the time to lock in a low rate and freeze out any high prices! Check out the Frontier Utilities and Santanna Energy Services plans further and explore other low-price plans on

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