Shop These Green Electricity Plans in Philadelphia

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Cold weather and higher natural gas prices could fuel higher electricity rates in 2021. Shop green electricity plans now and reduce your Philly energy bill all next year.
Cold weather and higher natural gas prices could fuel higher electricity rates in 2021. Shop these green electricity plans now to lock in a cheap rate for your Philadelphia home and save!

Best Philadelphia Green Energy Plans

When your Philadelphia electricity plan term comes to an end, consider a green electricity plan. Green electricity plans help the environment and you can find cost-efficient green energy plans, too. Plus, with cold weather, higher electricity demand, and lower natural gas supplies expected in January. Locking in low electricity rates now will protect you from uncertain natural gas prices that fuel future electricity rates. Now’s the time to save by checking  out these five Philadelphia renewable energy plans.

Lowest Price 12-Month Green Energy Plan

If you’re looking to offset your carbon footprint, the Verde Energy Clean Power 12 plan is the current lowest-priced green energy plan. It’s 7.29 cents per kWh with no early termination fee or monthly recurring charge. To make this plan 100% renewable, Verde Energy purchases and retires renewable energy certificates (RECs). Verde Energy locks your rate in for 12 months and after that, you’ll receive written notice of what happens next. In addition, Verde Energy offers an enticing rewards program so you can enjoy dining and shopping discounts just for signing up.

Renewable Energy Plan with No Fees

Since fees and added charges can really drive up your electric bill, you should try to choose plans without these costs. If you want a plan with no fees, the Verde Energy Green Guardian 12 plan is sure to please. The 12-month plan is 7.39 cents per kWh. Plus, there’s no early termination fee or monthly recurring charges.

Electricity Plan with No Monthly Recurring Charges

For a different electricity company option, consider Spark Energy. The Spark Green Secure 12 plan is 7.79 cents per kWh and has no monthly recurring charges. The plan has a $100 early termination fee so you’ll want to keep this in mind when comparing plans. With this 100% renewable energy plan, Spark Energy will offset your electricity usage by purchasing and retiring RECs and additional methods.

When your plan term comes to an end, Spark Energy sends you written notice as to what happens next. As a Spark Energy customer, be sure to take advantage of the Spark Energy Rewards program and grab impressive shopping and dining discounts.

Low Rate 24-Month Green Energy Plan

The Verde Energy Clean Power 24 plan offers a longer-term option. You can lock in a 7.19 cents per kWh rate for 24 months. Plus, you won’t have to worry about an early termination fee or monthly recurring charges. In addition, you’ll feel secure knowing your electricity rate stays the same for two years. It’s as easy as signing up!

Renewable Energy 24-Month Plan

The Spark Green Secure 24 plan is another 24-month fixed-rate electric plan option. Priced at 7.39 cents per kWh with no monthly recurring charges, this is a good rate to lock-in. However, there is a $100 early termination fee, so if you’re planning to move in the near future or want to keep your switching options open, this might not be the electricity plan for you.

Choose the Best Green Electricity Plans

Now’s the time to explore these five Philadelphia green electricity plans further. As you search for the best electricity plan, consider the kWh rate and note any fees or charges so you can pick the best Philadelphia renewable energy plan. When you find a green electricity plan you like, you can help the planet and get a cheap electricity plan at the same time.

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