Allentown’s Best 6 Month Electric Plans

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The prices are shocking on these 6 month Allentown electric plans! It's a short term supplier tryout with stable pricing!
Do long term plan commitments leave you feel short circuited? Check out these six month Allentown electric plans.

Best Six-Month Electricity Plans in Allentown

If you feel you might blow a fuse when you see your electricity bill this month, it’s time to check out other options. Allentown electricity rates are offered with different term lengths and price per kWh rates. For a cheap electricity deal that won’t lock you in for too long, consider six-month Allentown electric plans. The term length is short so you can try out the electricity plan with no long-term commitment. Plus, these rates will carry you through the cold winter months when electricity usage and costs surge.

Lowest Price Six-Month Plan

If the price is your main concern and you’re looking for the cheapest price per kWh rate, consider the Frontier Utilities Online Lock-6 plan. The rate is 7.09 cents per kWh and the plan has a $4.95 monthly recurring charge. While many electricity plans have expensive early termination fees, this one doesn’t. So, if you need to move and end your electricity contract early, you won’t have to worry about paying a fee. At the end of the contract, the plan will continue on a month-to-month basis at a variable rate. If you want a different electricity plan, let the company know before your term ends.

Electricity Plan with No Monthly Recurring Charge

Monthly recurring charges can really drive up your electricity bill. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose a plan without these charges, unless a low electricity rate makes it worth it. The NextEra Eco Saver 6 plan from NextEra Energy Services has no monthly recurring charges and a 7.29 cents per kWh rate. The plan does have a $10 early termination fee, so just keep this in mind as you compare options.

NextEra Energy Services can automatically renew your electricity contract at the end of the term as a month-to-month plan with a variable rate. So when you receive your renewal notice, contact the company if you want a different plan or  switch to a new provider.

Six-Month Electric Plan with No Fees or Monthly Charges

The Frontier Utilities Online Premier – 6 plan is a six-month plan with no monthly recurring charges or early termination fee. The plan is 7.59 cents per kWh rate and, therefore, your main cost since there are no added charges. This eliminates any surprise charges you might find when your bill arrives each month.

Additional Six-Month Electricity Plan Option

The Vista Energy Residential Advantage 6 plan is an additional six-month option to compare. Priced at 7.99 cents per kWh, the Vista Energy plan has no early termination fee or monthly recurring charges. When it’s time for your electricity plan term to end, you’ll receive a notice explaining your options. As an added bonus, when you sign up as a Vista Energy customer you’ll gain access to the Vista VIP Rewards Program. This program makes it possible for you to earn a Visa gift card every six months you’re a customer!

Explore Your Electricity Plan Options Further

Signing up for a six-month plan definitely has its benefits. You’ll get access to low-price plan options, that will keep you from getting charged up by high rates. Plus you’ll able to try out the plan provider without a long-term commitment. However, know that when you sign up for a six-month plan now, it will end in May, 2021 at the start of the shoulder months. While shoulder month rates are usually low, next year’s rates are expected to be higher than they are now.  If the price is your main concern, keep this timeframe in mind.

For more information on these six-month plans and other electricity plan options, visit You’ll find details on electricity plans, electric companies, customer reviews, and more to help make your decision an easier one.

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