Five Ways To Save On Your Energy Bill This Christmas Party Season

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Save money on your Pennsylvania energy bills this holiday season when entertaining family and friends!
Learn how you can save money on your Pennsylvania energy bills this holiday season when entertaining family and friends!

How can you save money on your electricity bill this Christmas?

While you might not get a $284 billion electric bill like one unlucky Pennsylvania woman did, Christmas can see people paying more and more on their energy costs. That doesn’t mean you need to give up on the Christmas season entirely just to save a little money however. With these five tips you can get the most out of your Christmas party season and save on your energy bill at the same time.

1. Use flameless candles.

Christmas lights can be expensive, particularly if you run them all the time. Why not switch it up for your Christmas party and put out candles instead? But because real candles a real fire hazard, it’s safer to decorate with flameless LED candles. These electric substitutes flicker like real candles but are inexpensive, last longer, and are reusable —just put in new batteries, no melted wax! Plus, they won’t add to your electric bill. Some even come with clocks or light sensors that turn them off automatically in the day.

2. Take advantage of body heat.

Turn that thermostat down and enjoy your Christmas party even more. You can make big savings on your energy bill and please your guests at the same time by taking advantage of body heat. As guests arrive in their warm sweaters and fill the room to the brim, not to mention the residual heat from all the delicious meals you’ve cooked, things can get uncomfortably warm very quick. The average human body generates 100 watts of heat energy. Ten people can easily keep a room warm. Turn the temperature down and save.

3. Cook several dishes at the same time.

Opening and closing the oven door constantly releases heat, making it work harder and costing you more money on your electric bill. Cook similar meals together to not only save time, but save money on your bill as well. Plan your meals to cook together and enjoy more of your Christmas party.

4. Cook with smaller countertop appliances.

Not all meals need to be cooked in the oven. You can often save money on your bill by cooking smaller dishes in the microwave, or you can break out the more energy-efficient crock-pot and save. The average crock-pot uses around 70-250 watts, while a conventional electric oven uses 2000-3000 watts. Make good use of that crock-pot or microwave and save even moe.

5. Go unplugged.

No Christmas party is complete without decorations, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all-out on the lights. Go unplugged with some old-fashioned decorations that don’t require energy at all. Wreaths, garlands, nutcrackers, candles; enjoy some classic decorations that won’t blow out your electric bill.

Enjoy Christmas and save with PA Energy Ratings!

Christmas is a time of year to spend with friends and family, but it doesn’t mean you need to burn all your hard-earned cash on your electric bill. With these five tips you can save and enjoy the Christmas season to its fullest. You can also head over to to learn more and compare plans right now.

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