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What is PA Power Switch?

In 1999 the Public Utility Commission of Pennsylvania (PUC) gave Pennsylvanians energy choice, and implemented the PAPowerSwitch website to help customers try and shop for electricity.

Unfortunately, there's a lot more to determining a great electricity provider than just pricing and really doesn't help with all those things...

What is wrong with PA Power Switch?

In short -- Buyer Beware! There are two big problems with PA Power Switch:

  1. PA Power Switch is required to provide access to any provider doing business in PA. That means any electricity provider in the state can put their information there regardless of their reputation, customer service complaints, PUC violations or BBB rating. Consequently, there is NO CONTROL over which companies can list their products!
  2. Providers only need to show basic information about their offers. While that's supposed to make shopping easy, it lets unscrupulous companies hide their tricky fine print from unsuspecting customers.

There are suppliers whose only customers come through the Power to Switch website. They try to catch your eye with a low introductory rate, knowing that they will jack up your bill once you've signed up.

When you talk to them, they say they're sorry, or they skimp on customer service hoping you'll just hang up and pay your bill to keep the lights on.

This is bad for everyone - except for the questionable companies who use the PA Power Switch web site to help them pitch their 'bait and switch' scam to unsuspecting consumers just like you.

So, if you can't rely on the state to provide helpful and reliable information, how do you find a good supplier that won't take advantage of you?

Why is PA Energy Ratings better than PAPowerSwitch?

We strive to bring transparency to the electricity marketplace. We want you to pick a plan that works for you! To do this, we offer several exclusive tools to help you!

What kind of rate I can get on PA Energy Ratings?

We've made it easy to get a really great rate - just check out the list below, pick the term you want, and click the orange button to switch your electricity provider! We will help you through the quick and easy process and you'll be finished in just a few minutes!

Our Best Electric Companies

PA Electricity Choice FAQ

Who can I trust to have the best electricity rates?

PAEnergyRatings has over 1,500+ five star reviews on Shopper Approved and 76% Five Star Rating on Google Reviews.

What is PA Electricity Choice?

PA electricity customers have the power to choose their electricity provider, giving you direct access to hundreds of offers and choices, and savings

Who has the cheapest electricity rates in PA?

The cheapest 12 month electricity rate is 6.790. Watch out for month to month and variable rates. For example, a super low 5 or 6 cent per kWh rate may only be effective for a short introductory period. After that's over, then the rate JUMPS 2 to 3 times higher.

Isn't my Utility's Price to Compare (PTC) rate always cheaper?

No! Here's why:

  • Energy prices tend to follow a yearly cycle. Prices are lowest during brief periods in the fall and spring when demand is low. Prices are also generally low in winter but they're often unstable due to winter weather causing sudden price spikes. Lastly, summer prices are usually the highest because demand for air conditioning drives generation and transmission prices higher.

  • Utility PTC rates change every 3 to 6 months. So PTC customers often get stuck by generator prices that often rise at those times of year when everyone uses the most energy and you can least afford it.

  • However, customers who shop and compare electricity providers at can set up their plans to start and end when prices are at their lowest. That lets them lock-in the lowest rate for 12 months or more - often at prices well-below their local utility's PTC rate.
  • How can I get a better deal on electricity?

    The Best way to get a better electricity rate is to understand your usage, credit and then compare rates at

    Are there more plans available?

    Absolutely! If nothing from the above list struck your fancy, we have plenty more great plans:

    Best Rated Brands

    If you're looking for the best Pennsylvania energy providers, you'll find them here at PAEnergyRatings. Our expert scoring process really brings the best companies to the top of the list! You'll recognize names like Constellation, Provision, Next Era, Direct Energy, and Frontier Utilties.

    Choosy consumers, this list is for you!

    Organized by Local Utility Service Area

    From PECO in Philly to Duquesne Light in Pittsburg, we've pulled together popular brands available in all the PA service areas. You'll find established brands as well as up-and-comers here.

    Low Deposit Companies

    We've all been there, sometimes you need electricity but your credit isn't pristine. Many of our customers who thought they would be in for a massive deposit have been pleasantly surprised by how low the deposits are with certain providers.

    Peoples Choice Best Providers

    The Pennsylvania market is a tough place to compete. And when customers go out of their way to say a company does a great job, then they're doing something special to earn that praise.

    All Pennsylvania Plans

    Hey, if you like choice, we have you covered. With many plans availble practically all over Pennsylvania, you won't find a bigger list to choose from. To get started, just enter in your zip code:

    Your Real PA Electricity Choice: PA Energy Ratings

    PA Energy Ratings ranks companies based on multiple independent data sources, including: customer reviews, kilowatt-per-hour rates, Public Utility Commission complaint statistics, JD Power & Associates ratings and company standings with the Better Business Bureau. We also take into account individual plan types, standard features offered by each electricity provider, customer reward and incentive programs, customer service wait times and more.

    To make sure you get a great utility provider AND a great rate, we've reviewed hundreds of electricity plans and combined them with our ratings, so you can quickly compare both price and quality at the same time in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh metro areas. Not in the big cities? No problem, we have rates for plenty of Pennsylvania cities and towns as well!

    When customers rate, everyone wins!

    PA Energy Ratings recognizes that customers may use our site to justifiably complain about poor service and bad experiences with individual electricity providers. However, our goal is not to be a complaint forum, but rather a community that takes many different aspects of a company into account in order to provide a balanced and fair overview to help benefit consumers.

    PA Energy Ratings provides you and other shoppers the opportunity to take an active hand in their deregulated market by writing a review of your deregulated utility supplier.

    Check out customer reviews for some popular companies:

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