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PA Energy Ratings ranks companies based on multiple independent data sources

We aggregate data from multiple sources, including our customer reviews from various states, hourly energy rates, Public Utility Commission complaint statistics, JD Power & Associates ratings, company standings with the Better Business Bureau, telephone and online surveys. We also take into account individual plan types, standard features offered by each electricity provider, account management features, customer rewards and incentive programs. Additionally, we test customer service wait times, order cycles, and dozens more data points to provide a comprehensive view of Pennsylvania electricity and gas providers.

PA Energy Ratings recognizes that customers may use our site to justifiably complain about poor service and bad experiences with individual natural gas and electricity providers. However, our goal is not to be a complaint forum, but rather a community that takes many different aspects of a company into account in order to provide a balanced and fair overview to help benefit consumers.

PA Energy Ratings provides shoppers the opportunity to take an active hand in their deregulated energy markets. When customers rate, everyone wins.

Click below to see customer reviews for these energy suppliers:

CompanyRankingRating (0-5)
NextEra Energy Services Pennsylvania24.28
Direct Energy34.17
Frontier Utilities44.1
Public Power53.98
Verde Energy73.82
TriEagle Energy83.55
Park Power93.5
Rushmore Energy103.5
Tomorrow Energy123.49
Green Mountain Energy133.44
Great American Power143.4
Planet Energy153.4
Agway Energy Services163.3
Plymouth Rock Energy173.3
Respond Power183.3
RPA Energy193.3
Santanna Energy Services203.3
North American Power213.21
Amerigreen Energy233.2
Energy Co-op243.2
Residents Energy253.2
Sperian Energy263.2
AEP Energy273.1
FirstEnergy Solutions283.1
BlueRock Energy293.1
Palmco Energy303.1
IGS Energy313.1
NRG Home323.1
Oasis Energy333.1
IDT Energy343.1
Inspire Energy353.1
MidAmerican Energy Services363.1
National Gas & Electric373.1
Abest Power & Gas383
Aequitas Energy393
4 Choice Energy403
Clearview Energy413
Connecticut Gas & Electric423
conEdison Solutions433
Discount Power Inc.443
Think Energy453
Hiko Energy463
Perigee Energy473
Starion Energy483
Sunwave Gas & Power493
Town Square Energy503
Viridian Energy513
Energy Rewards523
Duquesne Light Company533
Penn Power543
PECO Energy Company573
Vista Energy582.99
CleanChoice Energy592.9
Community Energy602.9
Major Energy612.9
NOVEC Energy Solutions622.9
Star Energy Partners632.9
Titan Gas & Power642.9
UGI EnergyLink652.9
Dominion Energy Solutions662.8
Mack Services Group672.8
WGL Energy Services682.8
Cirro Energy692.78
Mint Energy702.7
NorthStar Gas722.7
Volunteer Energy732.7
Pennsylvania Gas & Electric742.7
Just Energy752.6
Rhoads Energy762.6
Ambit Energy782.57
Agera Energy792.57
SFE Energy802.5
Shipley Energy812.5
Talen Energy822.5
XOOM Energy832.45
American Power & Gas842.45
Source Power & Gas862.38
Stream Energy872.37
Spark Energy882.24
Liberty Power892.21
Mega Energy902.03
Gateway Energy Services911.98
Entrust Energy921.84
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