Best 6 Month Electricity Plans In PPL Bethlehem, PA

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Take control of your electricity costs this winter in Bethlehem, PA!
Take control of your high heating costs this winter in Bethlehem, PA with a new electricity plan at a better rate!

What is the best 6-month electricity plan in PPL Bethlehem?

Winter in Bethlehem, PA, usually sees a rise in heating costs. But did you know that if you choose a fixed electricity plan, you can avoid rising prices by locking in the same low-price for the duration of your contract? If you want to save money and avoid paying excessive prices on your electricity bill, here are some of the best 6 month electric plans in PPL Bethlehem.

Slash your energy bill with NextEra Energy Services!

If you’re looking for the cheapest 6 month fixed plan in PPL Bethlehem, look no further than NextEra Energy Services and their NextEra Saver 6 plan. The generation charge for this plan comes in at only 6.90 cents per kWh, which means that when combined with the PPL customer charge of 2.447 cents per hour (PPL customer charge = $17.62 per month) and distribution charge of 4.355 cents per kWh, you’ll only be paying 13.70 cents per kWh for the next six months! The NextEra Saver 6 comes with a cancellation fee of $10 for every month remaining on your bill, but it shines proud the cheapest choice for a 6 month fixed plan in PPL Bethlehem.

Save money with Frontier Utilities!

Alternatively, Frontier Utilities also offers a cheap 6 month fixed plan with their Online Lock-6. With a generation charge 7.20 cents per kWh, you’ll only be paying 14.00 cents per kWh for the next six months. Frontier Utilities comes highly recommended by their customers. Customers rave about their low rates, excellent customer service, and quick and easy sign up. With a low cancellation fee of just $10, it’s hard to look past the Online Lock-6 plan if you’re looking to slash your energy bill this season.

Go green and save with Verde Energy!

Are you more concerned about environment and what you can do to save it? For the more environmentally conscientious customers, Verde Energy offers a 6 month fixed green plan with their Guaranteed Choice 6. The generation charge for this plan costs 10.99 cents per kWh, which means you’ll be paying 17.79 cents per kWh. It might sound pricey but this plan is 100% green!  If you really want to reduce your carbon footprint, help the environment, and save money on your energy bill then the Guaranteed Choice 6 is a great choice.

This plan also comes with no cancellation fee. That means you’ll be able to Power Switch to a cheaper eco-conscious plan in the spring when energy rates fall.

Choose a 6 month fixed plan and save with NextEra Energy, Frontier Utilities and Verde Energy!

With these 6 month plans you can lock in your low rate immediately, but it’s good to keep in mind that with their low cancellation fees you can grab any further potential price decreases when rates again change in the spring! By choosing NextEra Energy, Frontier Utilities and Verde Energy you can choose from amongst the cheapest 6 month electric plans available right now in PPL Bethlehem and prepare yourself for any potential future changes; one way or the other. Don’t forget, you can head over to at any time to compare our choice with other PPL Bethlehem electric plans.

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