Cheap 24 Month Electric Plans in Greensburg, PA

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Forget the groundhog! Lock in a low fixed rate with one of these cheap electric plans for 24 months and save!
Scared of 6 more weeks of winter electric bills? Forget the groundhog and lock in a low fixed rate with one of these cheap electric plans for 24 months instead!

Compare Cheap 24-Month Electric Plans

High winter electricity bills can cast a long shadow on your budget. But with the right electric plan, you don’t have to hide like a groundhog on Groundhog Day! Cheap 24-month electricity plans are yours for the taking in Greensburg, PA. In addition to cheap electric plans, the best electric companies  in the West Penn Power distribution area offer tempting features, such as rewards programs and no-fee plans.

Cheapest 24-Month Electric Plan

Of all the cheap electric plans in Greensburg, the cheapest is the Verde Energy Clean Power 24 plan. This plan is 5.99 cents per kWh with no monthly recurring charges or early termination fee. When the contract ends, you’ll receive a renewal notice stating the new rate and term length. In addition to offering a low rate, Verde Energy is a renewable energy provider so your plan is an environmentally friendly one. If you sign up for this plan, take advantage of the Verde Energy Rewards program and earn shopping and dining rewards.

Cheap Plan with No Monthly Recurring Charges

If you want a plan with no monthly recurring charges, consider the Public Power Electric 24 Month Standard Fixed Rate plan. This plan has a price of 6.29 cents per kWh, but note this rate is for new customers only. The plan does have a $50 early termination fee, so be mindful of this cost if you sign up. Renewal notices you’ll receive at the end of your contract state whether your renewal plan will be priced at a fixed rate or variable rate. As an added bonus, Public Power customers earn rewards on shopping, dining, and entertainment with the Power Perks program.

Electric Plan with 5-Star Company

When it comes to cheap electric plans, Constellation is a PA Energy Ratings five-star company.   Their Constellation 24 Month Green Home Power Plan is 6.69 cents per kWh with no monthly recurring charges and a $150 early termination fee. Renewal notices received at the end of your contract term will detail new terms going forward. Remember that this plan can automatically renew if you don’t respond.

This plan is a renewable energy plan with 100% of your energy usage offset by renewable energy credits (RECs) the company purchases from wind power facilities. Constellation also offers a tempting Refer-a-Friend program. With this program, both you and your friend get a $50 gift card if they sign up for service.

Additional Electric Plan with Rewards Program

The XOOM Energy SureLock 24 plan is another electricity plan with a rewards program. The plan has a 6.99 cents per kWh rate and no monthly recurring charges. The plan does include a $200 early termination fee, which is higher than most fees charged by competitors. If you sign up, your renewal notice at the end of your contract details the future rate and term length. Just be sure to respond as your plan can renew automatically. XOOM Energy also offers a XOOM Xtras rewards program with discounts, deals, and prizes.

Compare This Additional 24-Month Plan

The APG&E TrueSimple 24 plan is another available 24-month electricity option. This plan is 7.28 cents per kWh with a $1.99 recurring monthly charge and a $200 early termination fee. At the end of your contract, your new plan terms will be described in your renewal notice. Make sure you respond or the contract will continue at the current APG&E holdover rate.

Best 24-Month Electric Plan

For a low-price electricity plan with no monthly recurring charges or added fees, the Verde Energy Clean Power 24 plan might be your best bet. Plus, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, this renewable energy plan aids the environment without the shadow of a higher rate.

Don’t be like Punxsutawney Phil and hide until winter ends. Start your search for the best Greensburg electric plan today! Visit where you can view available plans and company information.



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