Compare the Best 12 Month Rates in MetEd Easton, PA!

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Comparing electricity plan in MetEd Easton is confusing but we’re here to help sort out the details.
Confused by comparing electricity plans while trying to choose the right one for family? Let us help you understand how the three best one in MetEd Easton stack up.

Who has the Best 12 Month Rate in MetEd Easton?

If you’re thinking it may be time to switch your electricity supplier in MetEd Easton, PA the options seem endless. But if you want more bang for your buck, PA Energy can make things a little easier. We‘ve found three different plans that are the cheapest in the area– but are they really so different? Take a dive and take a look at them with us and see if one works for you!

What kind of MetEd Easton electricity plans?

We compared three plans: Direct Energy’s Live Brighter 12, Next Era Saver 12, and North American’s 12-Month Fixed. Right off the bat, these plans share these similarities:

  • None offer any major or minor incentives.
  • None are marked as “green power plans”.
  • All offer free online access and bill pay for your account.
  • All offer paperless billing.
  • All are fixed rate plans.

While going with a fixed rate plan may look more expensive than a variable rate plan, but it can save you money in the long run. While a variable rate plan may have a good introductory rate, that rate changes monthly depending on the wholesale price of electricity — and that often can cost you much more.

What are the electricity plan prices?

Like everything, it comes down to price and customer satisfaction:

  • Direct Energy seems to have the highest customer satisfaction. Its Live Brighter 12 plan costs the most at 7cents per kWh but doesn’t have a cancellation fee.
  • North American Power has low rate of 6.6cents per kWh and decent reviews. However, they charge a $10/month cancellation fee instead just one big fee covering the entire length of the contract.
  • Next Era’s plan costs only 6.5cents per kWh, a similar $10/month cancellation fee, but they don’t have any customer reviews on com yet.

Keep in mind that all three plans feature prices that are very competitive since some electricity prices in Easton can go up to 8 cents per kWh depending on the plan.

Now a measly tenth of a cent may not seem like a huge amount of savings in the first month, but let’s look at it over the course of a year. The average home in Easton uses about 837 kWh per month. If we set aside the distribution charges, a month’s usage breaks down this way:

  • With Direct Energy, you would spend about $58 per month.
  • With North American Power, the average cost is a little less at $55 per month
  • Lastly with Next Era’s plan, you would spend about $54 per month.

Looking out towards a year, these differences get steeper.

  • Direct Energy = $703/ year.
  • North American Power = $662/ year.
  • Next Era= $652/year.

If you have to worry about a fixed income, you’ll want to be sure that you can save as much money as you can by choosing the plan that best fits your needs.

Remember, too, that those 8 cents per kWh plans can have you paying upwards of $800/year! That’s a $40–$50 difference over the course of the year that could be put towards savings, a special purchase, or other needs. Make sure you boost your savings by looking at how to save electricity in your home.

Powerswitch your energy today!

If you’re looking into how to switch your energy provider in Easton, then check out these plans! They may be similar in most ways, but it’s up to you to make the decision. Take a look and switch your electricity provider today at!

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