Don’t Miss These Electricity Rates In Philadelphia 

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Get great low-priced electricity rates in Philadelphia! PECO's PTC is going up! Shop now and save more for your family.
PECO’s PTC goes up on September 1! Why pay more than you have to? Don’t miss these low priced electricity rates in Philadelphia!

Cheap 12 Month Philadelphia Electricity Plans

If you’re ready for a new Philadelphia electricity plan and want a cheap rate, you check out these 12-month plans. Their rates rival PECO’s price to compare (PTC) rate of 6.40 cents per kWh plus you’ll get other incentives, too. You can lock in a low rate for 12 months and then hop into a new cheap plan when the term is up. For cheap 12-month electric plan options, don’t miss these electricity rates in Philadelphia!

Lowest 12 Month Electricity Rate

In the PECO service area, Santanna Energy Services offers the lowest 12-month electricity rate in Philadelphia. The Santanna Energy Services Preferred Plus 12 Month plan is 6.95 cents per kWh and has no monthly recurring charges but does have a $120 early termination fee. Though this rate is currently higher than PECO, the PTC rate is increasing to 6.60 cents per kWh on September 1, 2021. And since the PTC rate increases every three months, there’s no telling how high it may go. So, lock in this plan’s 6.95 cents per kWh rate for 12 months and stop worrying.

When the plan is about to expire, be sure you respond to the renewal notices. Otherwise, the company will automatically enroll you into another 12-month plan. That is unless you want them to. If you choose Santanna Energy Services as your provider, you’ll gain access to the rewards program. With this program, you can earn $25 in rewards dollars each month!

Cheap Green Energy Plan

For a cheap plan that’s environmentally friendly, check out the Tomorrow Energy 12 Month Fixed plan. The rate is 6.98 cents per kWh and there are no monthly recurring charges. If you cancel early, you will have to pay a $75 early termination fee. At the end of the contract term, Tomorrow Energy renews your contract on a month-to-month basis with a variable rate. As a PA renewable energy provider, Tomorrow Energy purchases 100% of renewable energy credits equal to your usage. So, you get both great electricity rates in Philadelphia and help protect the environment in one plan.

Low Price Plan with No Early Termination Fee

Another low price 12-month option is the Frontier Utilities PA Frontier Secure Power 12 plan. The electricity rate is 7.19 cents per kWh with a $9.95 monthly recurring charge and no early termination fee. Even though this plan has a monthly recurring charge, you can offset that cost by referring friends to Frontier Utilities for service. For every friend you refer, you get a $50 bill credit! Lastly, remember that if you don’t respond to the renewal notices, the contract continues as a monthly variable rate. So set a reminder on your phone to shop for low price plans 11 months after you sign. That way you can avoid PECO’s fluctuating PTC rate again.

Choose the Best Electricity Rates in Philadelphia

Don’t gamble with a fluctuating PTC rate that can make you blow your top when you see high electricity bills! Lock in a low rate today for 12 months and rest easy knowing what your rate will be each month. Learn more about these plans and other options by visiting

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