Get The Best Electricity Deals In New Castle

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Get the best electricity deals on short term plans in New Castle and save now!
What if you don’t want a long term commitment? No problem! You can get the best electricity deals in New Castle when you shop now!

Best Short-Term New Castle Electricity Plan

Pennsylvania electricity plan shoppers often want short-term electricity options. But these can be hard to find, especially if you want good electric rates. But things are a bit different in New Castle as you can easily find low-rate short-term plans. Now, you could choose the Penn Power price to compare (PTC) rate of  7.20 cents per kWh. However, their PTC rate fluctuates each month. For example,  on September 1, it rises to 7.66 cents per kWh.  But if you want to save money on short term rates, then you should shop around to get the best electricity deals in New Castle.

Lowest Electricity Rate Plan

Of all the best electricity deals, the lowest New Castle electricity rate plan is the NRG Electric Choice Plan 3 Month. The rate is currently 6.80 cents per kWh and there are no monthly recurring charges or early termination fee. Keep in mind this plan is a variable rate. However, the deal is that NRG will not raise the price during the term by more than 30% from the previous month’s supply price. So, this is a good plan if you only need electricity service for 3 months. You can also use the time to shop around a bit longer for a cheap long-term plan. Remember, you can cancel this plan at any time and not pay a fee. And, as an NRG customer, you gain access to the company’s rewards program where you can get money-saving incentives.

Cheap Four-Month Plan

If you want a term length in between three and six months, check out the four-month XOOM Energy SureLock 4 plan. The plan rate is 7.19 cents per kWh and has no recurring charges. If you cancel early, the company does charge a $50 early termination fee. When the term is about up, XOOM Energy sends out two renewal notices. If you don’t respond, the company can continue your contract for the term and rate listed in the notices. XOOM Energy also offers a rewards program, XOOM Xtras, and you can earn points to redeem at national retailers and win prizes.

Low Rate Six-Month Electricity Plan

New Castle residents looking for the best short term electricity deals should also consider low-priced six-month electric plans. The lowest six-month plan is the Constellation 6 Month Home Power Plan. This renewable energy plan is 8.99 cents per kWh with no monthly recurring charges. Constellation attaches a $150 early termination fee to its electricity plans. Be sure to respond to renewal notices because the contract automatically renews at the price and term length stated in the renewal notices. Constellation is a 100% wind renewable energy supplier, so if you want a green energy provider, this company can help you out. Lastly, Constellation customers earn $50 for each person they refer to the company for service, if they sign up.

Get the Best Electricity Deals Today

The New Castle electric plan you choose depends on your individual needs. If you only need a few months of service, the NRG three-month plan may be right for you. However, if you want a short-term renewable energy plan, you may like the Constellation option better.

Whichever electricity plan you choose, make sure you lock in a low rate so high-rate plans don’t freeze you in place. Check out  these plans and others by visiting


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