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Shop 18 month electric rates! Don't get locked in for too long but still get the value and convenience of not ending too soon.
Get an 18 month electric plan! It doesn’t lock you in for too long but still gives the value and convenience from not ending too soon.

Best Pittsburgh 18-Month Electric Plan

When it’s time to choose a new Pittsburgh electricity plan, you’re going to consider factors like plan type, term length, price, and more. If you want an electric plan that doesn’t lock you in for too long but provides you with the value and convenience of not switching plans every six months, 18-month plans are ideal. Plus, you can often get good rates on these plans. The following highlights three 18-month plans in the Duquesne Light Company service area to consider.

Low Price 18-Month Plan

For a lower priced 18-month plan, consider the Constellation 18 Month Home Power Plan. This electricity plan is 7.99 cents per kWh with no monthly recurring charges. Constellation does charge a $150 early termination fee if you cancel early, so keep this fee in mind when comparing plans. At the end of the plan term, the company will notify you of your options and future rate. If you don’t respond, Constellation can automatically enroll you in their new plan.

Constellation has a Pennsylvania Energy Ratings Score of 5/5 which can offer peace of mind when you choose a new electricity provider. The company also offers a Refer-a-Friend program. With this program, you and a friend will get a $50 gift card when your friend signs up for service!

Electric Plan from High-Rated Company

Constellation offers a second 18-month plan in the Pittsburgh area. The Constellation 18 Month Electricity Plan PowerPlug is 7.99 cents per kWh with no monthly recurring charges. As mentioned above, Constellation plans have a $150 early termination fee attached so remember this fact if you sign up. This electricity plan provides the same access to the Refer-a-Friend program as noted with the prior plan.

18-Month Plan with No Charges or Fees

There’s another 18-month option is  the Vista Energy Residential Advantage 18 plan. Though higher with a rate of 9.89 cents per kWh, there are no monthly recurring charges or an early termination fee. When your contract is almost up, keep an eye out for notice from the company as to what happens next. If you don’t respond, your contract can automatically renew with the new terms in place that might have higher rates.

If you like rewards programs and the opportunity to earn gift cards simply by being a customer, you’re going to appreciate the Vista VIP Rewards ProgramThis program makes it possible for customers to earn a gift card every six months they stay with Vista Energy. Pretty cool, right?

Best Value Pittsburgh Electric Plan

For the best electric plan value, either one of the Constellation electricity plans is a good choice. The electricity rates for both plans are lower than the Vista Energy plan. And the price difference isn’t a marginal one! However, if you like the prospect of no early termination fee and want the flexibility of switching without facing a penalty, the Vista Energy plan might be a better choice for you.

If you’re still not sure which electric company and plan to choose, do some more research. Visit to view these plans in greater detail. You’ll also gain helpful insight from customer reviews and rating details on the electricity companies mentioned above and other companies offering plans in the Pittsburgh area.

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