Duquesne Light Cutting Pittsburgh Default Supply Rates

Save on fall Pittsburgh electricity rates! Find out how you can save more this winter on your Duquesne Light Company bills this winter with the cheapest energy plans!

Duquesne Light Lowering Supply Rates

Compare Pittsburgh Rates now and see how you can save more on your Duquesne Light Company bills this winter!
Pittsburgh electricity rates are falling this autumn! Shop the best plans with cheapest prices now to save more on your winter heating bills!

Good news for Pittsburgh residents! Fall shoulder month has arrived, and with it comes lower electricity rates. DLC has filed with the Pennsylvania PUC to lower their electricity supply rates. Which means the PTC rate is likely to drop as a result. But, you can get a better deal shopping for electricity. Here’s what to expect for your electricity bill, and where to shop for lower Pittsburgh rates.

What Will the New Pittsburgh Rates Be

Why don’t we already know the DLC PTC rate? Well, the default supply rate only covers the generation of electricity. The official PTC rate will also include transmission costs and the state tax adjustment surcharge. Before the PTC rate can be determined, the PUC must approve the default supply rate.

So, a new PTC rate has not been filed yet. But we can estimate what it might be. The current supply rate is 9.6123 cents per kWh, and the total PTC rate is 11.45 cents per kWh. That’s a 19.1182% increase.

DLC’s proposed supply charge is 8.6296 cents per kWh. Assuming no changes to transmission and the tax surcharge, then this might yield a PTC rate of around 10.279 cents per kWh. That means providers may cut their prices pretty soon to stay competitive!

Duquesne Light Customers Can Shop and Save

With electricity prices dropping this fall, and a lower PTC rate potentially on the horizon, now is a good time to shop! And we have three fantastic 12 month plans for you to check out.

First, we have two seperate plans from Frontier Utilities. The cheapest plan available right now is the PA Frontier Secure Power 12. At only 9.29 cents per kWh, you could save $8 a month compared to the projected PTC rate. That’s over $100 a year! There are no early termination fees, but there is a $9.95 monthly charge to be aware of.

Next, also from Frontier Utilities, we have the Online Premier 12. At 10.39 it’s a little higher than the projected PTC rate. But be aware that rates will likely rise again in the winter, so this plan can still save you money. And with no monthly charges or early termination fees, you have flexibility with your commitment. The only catch? Both of these plans are for new customers only.

Finally we have the Santanna Energy Services Fixed Rate Electricity 12. At 9.61 cents per kWh, you could save $5 a month compared to the projected PTC rate. That’s $60 a year! And with no early termination fees or monthly charges, you can’t go wrong with this plan.

Save on Pittsburgh Electricity Rates!

While the supply rates dropping is good news, electricity prices will likely rise again this winter. And the best way to avoid paying more for electricity is to shop for an electricty plan. If you want to find the best rates, compare providers, and read reviews then there’s only one place to go. Shop today with https://www.paenergyratings.com.

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