PA Electric Rates Rise At County Lines

Southeast PA is served by three different utility companies, all with different Price to Compare Rates. Still, you can save money in all those areas by shop for cheap electricity plans!

First Energy and PECO Changing PTC Rates

Shop electric rates now and get a better deal than the price to compare no matter where you live in PA!
Price to Compare electric rates can rise or fall at the county line. See how you can save more right now on your monthly energy bills no matter where you live in PA!

PA PTC electric rates vary from place to place. We’ve ready covered DLC cutting their rates. But for two towns in separated by the county line, electricity prices can be very different. In southeastern PA, Douglasville is situated in Berks County. Just 4 1/2 miles down the highway in Montgomery County is Pottstown. Douglassville is served by Met-Ed; Pottstown by PECO. On December 1, Douglassville customers will see their PTC rates go up. In Pottstown, electric rates will go down.

The good news for both communities is that milder temperatures have lowered energy prices! And now’s the best time to compare electricity rates and grab a plan that will save you more no matter who your utility is. So let’s see what the new PTC electric rates will be and where you can shop the best deals.

First Energy Raising PTC Electric Rates

To begin, First Energy is increasing PTC rates across all of their utilities for the six month period starting on December 1st.

For Met-Ed customers, they’ll see their residential PTC rate ncrease 10%, from 10.24 cents per kWh to 11.306 cents per kWh. Met-Ed customers in Douglassville will be paying about $10 higher per month.

Residential Penelec PTC customers will see rates increase 9%, from 9.703 cents per kWh to 10.607 cents per kWh. That’s about $8 higher per month.

Next at Penn Power, the residential PTC rate will increase 6%, from 10.556 cents per kWh to 11.231 cents per kWh. That’s about $7 higher per month.

Finally there’s West Penn Power. The residential PTC rate will increase slightly, from 9.929 cents per kWh, to 10.001 cents per kWh. That’s about $6 higher per month.

PECO Decreasing PTC Electric Rates

Meanwhile, PECO is owned by Excelon. While the final PTC rate hasn’t been announced, the PECO Generation Supply Adjustment is lowering. This charge covers the costs of producing electricity, and must be approved by the PUC before the final PTC rate can be determined. That means Pottstown customers will see the GSA rate is decreasing by 8%, from 8.753 cents per kWh to 8.06 cents per kWh.

So why Douglassville customers paying more? Different utilities face different costs for bringing in energy to their services areas so they secure their PTC supplies in different ways. Thankfully, you can avoid all the annual chaos ofrising and falling PTC rates by shopping for a better electricity rate.

Berks and Montgomery Customers Can Shop and Save

For First Energy customers, the cheapest plan available is the Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 13. The rate varies depending on which utility services you. But with an average savings of 12%, and no early termination fees or monthly charges, this might be just the plan for you.

Met-Ed customers should also consider the Xoom Energy Surelock 12. At only 9.29 cents per kWh, you could potentially save $8 a month compared to the current PTC rate. That’s $96 a year. And with no monthly charges, all those savings will be yours. There is a $110 early cancellation fee to be aware of. But don’t forget, Xoom has their Xtras rewards program that you can take advantage of.

PECO customers, you can save too! Check out Frontier Utilities Secure Power 12 plan. At 7.99 cents per kWh, you could save $15 a month compared to the current PTC rate. That’s $180 in a year! And there are no early termination fees, giving you the freedom to shop if rates lower again. There is a monthly service charge of 9.95 to be aware of. In addition, this offer is only available to new customers.

Save Money this Winter

With PTC rates changing this winter, you want to make sure your family saves money. The fall shoulder months are one of the best times to shop for cheaper electricity plans. But as the weather gets colder, these rates will rise. So don’t wait, shop now and save with

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